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Sonic Ant Killer

A sonic gun to kill fire ants.
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I am tired of walking out of my front door and seeing new ant hills in my yard. I've tried ant repellent and stuff to kill ants, but it never seems to work. And anyway, almost all the instructions say to place granuals on and around mound and then water, effects usually take 2-3 days to show. I don't want to grow them, I want to kill them. I've heard of low-end answers that use grits or fast cook rice or gas and a lighted match. I've also heard of takeing a shovel full of one mound and putting it on another mound and visa-versa and the mounds will kill each other. I've tried it all and new mounds still keep on popping up. Even now, while the weather is getting cold and the ants are suppose to be inactive, new mounds are visible.

What would be nice to have is a sonic blaster gun similar to the Sonic Wave Destructor described by [Blinky] but would have a miniture keyboard as the trigger. You would point the gun at the ant hill and surranding ground and press the trigger. Once a note is played the gun would amplify the sound and send it into the ground instantly killing all ants within it's path. I can just see it now, labs around the country with ants in jars and scientists playing sounds to see at which pitch or resonance the little ant bodies explode!

barnzenen, Nov 28 2001

Sonic Wave Destructor http://www.halfbake...estructor#967781474
[barnzenen, Nov 28 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

The right song for the job http://www.youtube....watch?v=OsxwwhJ6GrY
It isn't the volume, it's the melody. [Cedar Park, Aug 16 2010]


       Some termites can make themselves explode as a last-resort defensive technique. If their termite house is under attack, soldier termites can turn themselves into suicide bombers and "blow themselves up", rupturing their innards, and splashing their sticky termite juices over attackers, immobilising the attacker and probably freaking them out as well. (Sea cucumbers can do this with their organs, but non-fatally; they grow back the organs they expel.) Just thought you'd like to know.
pottedstu, Nov 28 2001

       Just try a different ant poison. I know many of them work.
seal, Nov 28 2001

       Hmm... suicide bombers with tiny brains that live in underground tunnels... where have I heard of that before?
beauxeault, Nov 28 2001

       I'll be certain not to blink under the safety of my protective eyewear next time I threaten a termite. Do Columbian Termites make other insects explode via exploding innard necklaces? <current events>Interesting that it seems to be primarily 'foreign' cavedwellers in the countdown to the end.<current events>
I used to dig up anthills with a variety of tools - absolutely amazing worlds they inhabited. The smoke could be seen from quite some distance away.
thumbwax, Nov 28 2001

       My brother told me that one two days ago. (I'm guessing it was on telly recently?)
angel, Nov 29 2001

       Did he also mention that Aardvark never killed anybody?
st3f, Nov 29 2001

       I was going to say something similar, UB. Why can't we just all live together? Man and Ant-kind in perfect unity!

I'd just like to add that I'm looking forward to PeterSealy's explanation for his 'supersonic' insect repellant. Put it on a plane did we, Peter?
DrBob, Nov 29 2001

       I was searching and I saw that there is a spike like thing that you can place in the ground that emits some sort of sound that repels termites. It shouldn't be much of a leap to so the same for ants, and then like [PeterSealy] said 'beef it up' to make them explode. I still like the idea of a colony of ants exploding at the flip of a switch though.
barnzenen, Nov 29 2001

       How about a wave device that alters their brainwaves and turns them into tiny cuddly pets.
SpocksEyebrow, May 07 2005

       I saw a show on TV about the world's loudest car stereos. They put some bugs in a bag and hit them with around 160 Db--one type exploded, but another kind was only stunned. It's worth noting that 160 Db is fatal to humans.   

       The point being that the volume needed to kill the ants may very well exceed what is even remotely safe to people.
5th Earth, May 08 2005

       I've heard bay leaves work...
spacecadet, May 08 2005

       space - no, that was the Bay City Rollers.
Basepair, May 08 2005

       Not true. Eardrum rupture occurs around 160 decibels (conventional sound) to 185 decibels (nonperiodic blast pressure). Lung rupture and presumably embolism due to air blast occur at 200 decibels.
calebthespy, Aug 16 2010


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