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Pseudobioluminescent Tattoo

Subcutenaous micro-LED implant with glucose battery
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This is an augmentation for a tattoo -- essentially a self-encapsulated implantable LED surrounded either by a glucose battery or an inductive power coupler. The latter is probably less healthy and more bakeable.

Possible applications: tattoo figures whose eyes glow in the dark, animated tattoos, a subcutaneous illuminated glucose readout screen for diabetics, a pulse/oxygen/temperature implant for medical monitoring/biofeedback, or "ET style" fingertips, built-in emergency forehead lamp for miners, tattoo of a changing neon sign, etc.

Implementing a color-changing LED might be neat and trivial since such LEDs are already on the market.

I imagine the batteries will have to shrink a little bit first, but I think you can get a visible glow from an LED with very little current.

cowtamer, Jul 20 2010

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       You could always use bioluminescent dinoflagellate bacteria.
RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2010


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