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Prefaded Tattoos

Instant hipness for tattoo noobs
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There seems to plenty of people willing to purchase prefaded/ripped jeans and teeshirts. Tattoos fade over time in a similar fashion, getting that cool bluish blurry look that attests to a long and checkered past, so why not market a line of prefaded tattoos to these posers? The really adventurous could even adorn themselves with the names of ex-lovers or regrettable hairmetal bands.
saxman, Jan 09 2008


       How would you prefade them?
Spacecoyote, Jan 09 2008

       Just draw them that way.
saxman, Jan 09 2008

       There is already a DIY tattoo prefading movement comprised mostly of the illiterate and the irresponsible. Their tats don't look nearly as cool as an actual old person's tattoo, which leads me to believe that the texture of the skin, wrinkles, lost elasticity, scars, and other defects have a lot more to do with a tattoo looking badass than the bluish blurry look.
Condiment, Jan 09 2008

       Ballpoint pen and a sewing needle. You can get that cool jail tattoo thing going on.
Noexit, Jan 09 2008

       //Noexit// I heard a story about someone who used ballpoint pen ink for a tattoo and got blood poisoning. Not such a good alternative I think. India ink however...
Chickenbreadthe1st, Jan 10 2008

       One sees a lot of women with arse antlers these days. Don't they have mothers?
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 10 2008

       Arse antlers! Aka the tramp stamp.
saxman, Jan 10 2008

       No, but it could have a mousse like appearance.
4whom, Jan 10 2008


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