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Sound Effect for CD Player

sound of tone arm being yanked across record
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When you hit pause or stop on your player, the sound effect is triggered. I’d probably get bored with it pretty quickly, so perhaps it could be somewhat “randomized” to only sound every once in a while.
snarfyguy, Feb 05 2002


       Many portable CD players beep loudly whenever you press a control. This would be nicer.
pottedstu, Feb 06 2002

       Also, the first time you hit start, you should hear the sound of a tone arm going through an auto-cueing process - a series of clicks and slides as it lifts, moves across and drops onto the record. This must be followed by the loud hiss which quickly settles down to a rumble, just prior to the track beginning. One of the loveliest sounds in the world, that is. Simple mechanical technology doing its elegant, unhurried thing. The sound of the reverse procedure at the end as well, please.
Saveloy, Feb 06 2002


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