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Sound effects as performance art

Sounds effects are generated by the artist's posture and gesture
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Imagine: I am working in a fairly ordinary office setting doing my job. I am, however, wearing a small computer which is wired to sensors which can detect the postition of my hands, feet, elbows, etc., and thus react to my gestures or body position. What the computer does is when it detects certain gestures or positions it plays certain sounds. So when I drink something it plays a "Glug, glug, glug" sound; If I hit something, a "boof!" sound; As I walk down the corridor, loud echoey footsteps; As I stand up from a seated position, the sounds of joints popping and creaking. And so on...
hippo, Mar 14 2000

Film Noir Home http://www.halfbake.../Film_20Noir_20Home
[hippo, Mar 14 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       Cute, but I want the cubicle as far away from you as possible.
rmutt, Mar 14 2000

       I feel like this would quickly get old, even if you could change the sound pallette.. Also, you'd need to rig something much less obvious; pretty soon you'd be able to tell who led a very boring life..
mcfrank, Apr 22 2000

       Robin Williams wore a working version of this in the movie "Toys." it worked quite well in annoying the people he was seeking to annoy. I also liked his "Smoking Jacket." =)
lockle, Aug 15 2000

       I get it !!! so if I have gas my ass will make a noise!!!!
shradius, Jun 05 2002

       Lay of the !'s. It looks like your shouting, not like your excited.   

       What, what, what! Whats allthis rucuss, we'll have no trouble here!
[ sctld ], Jun 05 2002

       sssshhhh, he doesn't get it at all. Nice one hippo - this one has escaped my notice so far. croissant. My boss hates my pc jungle noises.
po, Jun 05 2002

       As you are called into the boss's office, the funeral march plays...   

       I see this having potential for comedic value as well as artistic.
Cuit_au_Four, Nov 25 2004


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