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Soup By Post

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What could be more unexpectedly pleasant than the unforeseen arrival of a bowl of hot, heartwarming soup?

Soup By Post fills this much-needed gap in the market. Simply specify the recipient, their address, the type of soup required, and a one hour delivery slot. At or near the appointed time, a china bowl of the specified soup will be hand-delivered at precisely the right temperature, along with a complimentary soup-spoon.

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2015

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       Pastry withheld until the question of whether crackers are included is answered.
Voice, Dec 19 2015

       Crackers are, of course, available. Croutons can also be supplied.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2015

       //What could be more unexpectedly pleasant than the unforeseen arrival of a bowl of hot, heartwarming soup?//

Oh, there are so many confusing options to choose from!
DrBob, Dec 20 2015

       if it is delivered on demand, then it is not "by Post", I would of thort.
pocmloc, Dec 20 2015

       Well, technically I suppose that's true. However, "Soup by Motorcycle Dispatch Rider" didn't sound as good.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 20 2015

       The bowl could be proffered to the recipient on the end of a length of timber suitable for employment as an upright component of a fence. Then, the service would literally be "soup by post".
8th of 7, Dec 20 2015

       You're not taking this seriously, [8th].
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 20 2015

       Wouldn't that be postmodern?
not_morrison_rm, Dec 20 2015

       Posthaste - how the soup must be delivered in order to maintain the correct temperature, shirley?
Canuck, Dec 21 2015

       So not some crowd sourced , insider soup tasting, by an up and coming chef, around the hundred and fifth post, south of main and poultry.
wjt, Dec 21 2015

       Panera's Autumn Squash Soup is heavenly. It makes me want to cry it's so filling and delightful. I think I'm addicted. I'll take the daily service, please and thank you.
blissmiss, Dec 21 2015

       pity the postman.
dentworth, Dec 21 2015

       Not really, should I be? I prefer someone else to do all the work. I just reap the benefits.
blissmiss, Dec 22 2015

       I second blissmiss on the Autumn Squash Soup. In fact, I'll have seconds. Are you going to finish yours?
RayfordSteele, Dec 22 2015

       Only if it is delivered by a grandmotherly type or a snooty French waiter.
Cuit_au_Four, Dec 22 2015

       What about a snooty french grandmother ?
8th of 7, Dec 22 2015

       Gotcha Ian. I lived with a woman in Connecticut that bought every single gadget that came out. Blenders/ blades/ shakers/ slicers/ etc. The cupboards were overflowing with them. Some she would purchase 2 of, just in case a friend was in dire need of a quick chop-chop.   

       She never used any of them, ever. The only thing she did use was the rice cooker, which she and I used daily...
blissmiss, Dec 22 2015

       // Pretty much best most useful kitchen thing ever //   


       Knives. Great big sharp shiny knives, MUHWHAHAHAHA !!   

8th of 7, Dec 22 2015

       I thought teaspoons didn't exist, [Ian]?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 22 2015

       Once saw them feed 800 kids soup on a cold day. Each kid brought a can of soup and placed on a big table. Then off to play in the snow with sledges and pretend to be huskies.   

       Meanwhile the cans were sorted into creamed, tomato, and "other" piles. Cans were opened and dumped into pots. 50 gallon pots over propane burners heated the soup.   

       Kids lined up for tomato or creamed soup and a garlic bread roll, and were soon off playing again as there were few tables an it was cold.   

       Someone took home the "other" pile of soup cans and it is probably still in their garage.
popbottle, Dec 22 2015

       Now that's heart warming
wjt, Dec 23 2015

       Dear Max, Ditch the postal service delivery. I really think Maxco needs to team up with Amazon on this for product fulfillment and enlist their fleet of aerial drones for fast, door to door service. Perhaps drone engine heat can even be scavenged to assist in keeping the product at perfect serving temperature. Sincerely,
jurist, Dec 23 2015

8th of 7, Dec 24 2015


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