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Soup stock K-cups or competitors

Fewer steps to instant noodles
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This idea originally was primarily discussing K-cups, but apparently it's baked with those[1], so I'm expanding it to other brands and according-to-the-menu options as well.

When preparing instant noodles that come in a cup with the soup stock just in there with the noodles, it's pretty simple. Just open the cup and pour in boiling water from whatever source (instant coffee machine, water cooler with a hot tap, kettle, etc.) and wait a couple of minutes.[2] Or, if you only have cold water, put that in and microwave it. But those instant noodles are not what this idea is about.

When preparing instant noodles that come in a plastic film packet or a cup but have the stock in a separate packet in there, there are a lot of steps. You have to manually add boiling water or manually add cold water and then microwave the vessel. Also, you have to add the noodles to the vessel. And they usually come with a packet of soup stock that you also have to tear open and shake and squeeze the contents of into the vessel. Then you have to stir the whole thing.

I can see a way to reduce the number of steps, or at least make them a bit less fiddly and tedious: the manufacturers should just put the soup stock in an instant coffee machine-style "pod" instead of a plastic film packet. Then all you do is put the noodles in the vessel, put the vessel under the coffee machine's spout, put the pod in the machine, activate the machine to run hot water through the pod and into the vessel, and stir the noodles.

Also, and this is the more original bit in light of the above being baked by Keurig & Campbell's, they could sell said pods of soup stock separately, for when you want non-noodle soup. Or they could sell the noodles on their own, without the soup stock, for when you want coffee with noodles in it. (Somehow, I'm not the first person to think of mixing coffee and noodles.[3])

Of course, the kind of instant noodles described in the second paragraph, where the stock is just in there with the noodles, is still easier to prepare. But there must be a reason to not do that, or they'd all do that.

n/a [2019-03-12]

notexactly, Mar 12 2019

[1] 9 Things You Can Make in a Keurig Besides Coffee https://spoonuniver...ties-besides-coffee
Mentions the Keurig–Campbell's partnership, but the link to the Keurig website turns up a 404 and I can't find anything by searching "soup" on there [notexactly, Mar 12 2019]

[2] How easy it is to prepare instant noodles that come in a cup with the stock just in there https://www.youtube...watch?v=me0n8T-m_20
AKA not what this idea is about [notexactly, Mar 12 2019]

[3] Sainsbury's suggested adding instant coffee to pasta sauce https://hellogiggle...and-pasta-is-gross/
As I was adding this link I noticed that the example destination URL in the link form is "https://www.coffee.com/". (Also, I don't think that was HTTPS years ago.) [notexactly, Mar 12 2019]


       Hmm... by replacing the "pour two cups of coffee" fitting with a custom unit, and putting dehydrated noodle in the "pod" as well, you could have fresh-formed, pre-flavoured noddles in a cup!
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 12 2019

       Tagline when I viewed this just now: "Is it soup yet?"
notexactly, Mar 13 2019

       More plastic to add to more plastic.
xenzag, Mar 13 2019


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