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Social Networking Spider Suit

A battery powered suit spins a web of adapter cords and docking stations for the willing unwitting.
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The Social Networking Spider Suit has almost as many arms as the gloves have fingers for building virtual webspace, in the latter case, and real webs in the former. Six of the eight arms correspond to certain power adapters for specific popular mobile technologies and as users request them the simple mechanical arms extend the retractile cords from the well-equipped backpack. The Social Networking Spider Suit entices users towards its growing webspace by gradually recharging the devices for free, as well as promising free downloads. The wearer of the suit becomes creepier as the web grows larger and the first users extend their cords to their furthest extent away from the guy, although as he navigates the web moves dynamically.
rcarty, Feb 14 2013

Charging frenzy on the Carnival Triumph http://resources0.n...arnival-triumph.jpg
[Klaatu, Feb 21 2013]

Or, go on the totally safe cruise to nowhere http://surre.al/
Someone somewhere believes this idea was solely to promote tc. [theircompetitor, Feb 21 2013]


       You've been drinking since lunchtime?
UnaBubba, Feb 14 2013

       I never stopped drinking for lunchtime.
rcarty, Feb 14 2013

       I'd like theircompetitor to use SNSS as a promotional tool for Cellufun. Keep in mind the extra arm don't need to be functional, and the backpack should wrap around the back and the torso.
rcarty, Feb 15 2013

       //The wearer of the suit becomes creepier as the web grows larger// [+]
pertinax, Feb 20 2013

       That's really the mechanism of web expansion and the social dynamic. As people approach the spider suit wearer for services, whether the free battery recharge, the free app downloads, or internet connection, they must move away from him once connected to allow others access. As the web grows in this fashion it becomes a physical barrier.
rcarty, Feb 20 2013

       This reminds me of a social phenomenon I recently observed with the aid of a nifty little hockey puck called a Verizon Jetpack: the number of people who will jump onto an unsecured mobile hotspot just to surf the Internet is truly stupifying. Are they aware that I can see what they're doing on my network? If they aren't, would it change their browsing behavior to learn that I'm deriving mildly creepy voyeuristic amusement from watching them cruise for porn or cheezburger catz, peruse their own browser histories, and hunt for divorce lawyers?
Alterother, Feb 20 2013

       You just captured the social commentary in that anecdote that I failed to integrate into this idea.
rcarty, Feb 20 2013

       [tc, waking up from working about 20 hours a day for a week] ok, do tell, rcarty -- are you relating this to actual events, or just an incredible coincidink?
theircompetitor, Feb 20 2013

       Not sure what events you allude to. After writing this idea I thought it would be a good visible promotional gimmick even though I meant it as satire.
rcarty, Feb 21 2013

       The stunning coincidence would be that 6 years to the day from originally taking third party investors, we bought the company back on v-day.
theircompetitor, Feb 21 2013

       So strap some poor sap in a spider suit, give him a laptop with a juicy power supply and lots of ports, a half dozen of each popular mobile technology's adapters, and get him making webs somewhere with lots of pedestrian traffic. Congrats on your acquisition.
rcarty, Feb 21 2013

       Sounds like this would have been welcome on the Carnival Triumph. <link> [+]
Klaatu, Feb 21 2013


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