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meat-flavored-carbonated-beverage alternative
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Sometimes one really has a hankering for a meat-flavored soda, but for reasons of vegetarianism/veganism or otherwise, does not desire actual meat juice in their beverage. For these people, I have created Soyda.

Soyda contains no meat extracts. It comes in the same flavors as ramen: original, beef, chicken, oriental, etc.

For the slightly eccentric connoisseur.

SquidInk, Jan 26 2003

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       Gee, and you could have had a "Clamato".
jurist, Jan 26 2003

       ah yes, clamato. only slightly more appetizing than meat soda.
SquidInk, Jan 26 2003


       i did search before posting, but hadn't expected a "meat drink" subcategory to exist. i will need to reassess my future posts... your help is appreciated.   

       Soyda will be deleted in a day or two.
SquidInk, Jan 26 2003

       For what it's worth: the title is great! Maybe a soysauce flavored soda?
bristolz, Jan 26 2003

       Vitameataveagamin with a new age name, lacking the "%proof" (one might contemplate it...anything to help sales). i remember Katz's deli vodka (flavor of dill and rye). uummmm   

       Forgetting it would be like forgetting getting poked in the eye.
antizoof, Jan 26 2003

       I recall Clamato to be the most dreaded of "cleanup on aisle 7" calls to send/receive in the beverage shelf section of a grocery store, as it has incredible floor-wax stripping characteristics, and it is absolutely necessary to change mop-heads after use.
thumbwax, Jan 26 2003

       ok, i won't delete it. [bristolz] i had contemplated the idea of soy sauce - flavored soda after coming up with the name.... perhaps there should be two versions of the "oriental"-flavored soyda--one with soy sauce and one 'plain'.
SquidInk, Jan 26 2003

       Yeah, Clamato may be messy, but it's a good mixer for a mighty gnarly poor-man's Bloody Mary when nothing else is around. (cough) 'scuse me (shudder)...
snarfyguy, Jan 26 2003

       //Sometimes one really has a hankering for a meat-flavored soda//   

       Who? When? I drink Soy Milk all the time...can't say I ever wanted it meat flavored or carbonated.
Marassa, Jan 26 2003

       I went to their website to find out what Mott's justification is for making the stuff, but the site's broken such that it's only the Spanish - languauge version.   

       It's basically a tomato juice cocktail with a hint of briny clams. They also have (or used to have) Beefamato. I kid you not.   

       I think they're marketing it more as a mixer these days than as a stand-alone beverage.   

       The reference to fish bait (what we call "chum") is pretty right on.
snarfyguy, Jan 26 2003


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