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vending machine for the arrogantly wealthy
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A soda pop vending machine that accepts dollars, then dispenses your drink, then returns your dollar in shreds while the LED display crawl says "F*CK YOUR MONEY". So in essence, it gives away product for free, but still makes people pay for it.
datapanik, Nov 13 2002


       And how does the owner of the machine afford to restock it?
tyskland, Nov 13 2002

       Reinvention of the "lose-lose situation".
lurch, Nov 13 2002

       Food:Conspicuous Consumption?
phoenix, Nov 13 2002

       This really made me laugh.
sild, Nov 13 2002

       There is the minor problem that in many countries, destroying currency is a federal crime. Perhaps the machine could keep the real money, but spit out a shredded counterfeit bill of the same denomination. You get the emotional effect, and the vendor still gets paid.
krelnik, Nov 13 2002

       Maybe the machine could spit out a fishbone instead of shredded money. Here's one you can test with.
half, Nov 13 2002

       Or it could keep the money, spit the drink all over the floor and... oh sorry, baked by the coffee machine in the canteen.
egbert, Nov 13 2002

       <insert obligatory dry-roasted-not-baked joke here>
egbert, Nov 13 2002

       This idea is funny, but I think for it to work you would have to make krelnik's modification.
catfish25, Nov 13 2002

       To agree with [catfish] and add to [krelnik]'s thoughts: one thing the machine could dispense is money that the US Mint (assuming the US) regularly shreds. This stuff is available for novelty gifts and the like. At least what it gave back would be authentic.
bristolz, Nov 13 2002


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