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Space Logistics Tycoon

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You are a space transport corporation. You want to expand your transport network to these opportunities like:

* Asteroid Mining Cargo

* People transport

* Interplanetary Goods

* Entire invasion forces (As well as the defenders)


But you may encounter:

* Space Pirates

* Micrometeorite storms

* Navigating gravity pathways (Short predictable pathways are more slower and interceptable than the more fuel heavy route)

* UNSC space regulations

mofosyne, Mar 13 2016

Planetary Annihilation https://en.wikipedi...netary_Annihilation
Planetary Annihilation is a real-time strategy computer game developed by Uber Entertainment, whose staff include several industry veterans who worked on Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. [mofosyne, Mar 14 2016]

Trade Wars from the 1990s https://en.wikipedi...Trade_Wars#Gameplay
[scad mientist, Mar 15 2016]



       You've been around here for a while. Isn't there a video game that does that already ?
normzone, Mar 13 2016

       There's easily a handful of recent, extent games like that.
FlyingToaster, Mar 13 2016

       — normzone   

       Closest I can think of is planetary annihilation, but that is more about military logistics. Which I guess sorta counts, if delivering deathbots and crashing asteroids against your opponents counts in an RTS manner?
mofosyne, Mar 14 2016

       Freelancer, Eve Online, the upcoming Star Citizen: they're all shootemups because that's what sells, but they contain fleshed out elements of commerce and trade: prices for cargos rise and fall with supply and demand; more pirates lie in wait near stations that deal in pricey goods, different items are contraband in different systems, et cetera.
FlyingToaster, Mar 14 2016

       How does this stack up against "Trade Wars", a popular game played on BBS systems in the 1990s? I don't think it had ALL of the elements listed above, but seems like a pretty similar concept.
scad mientist, Mar 15 2016

       I like this concept, but like it better as Stamp Collecting Tycoon.
bungston, Mar 15 2016


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