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Specialty Cocktail Wiener Variety Pack

The world, in a sausage.
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I love the USA but we are fairly sausage deficient compared to some older countries. Why, I cannot say. I think America can lay claim to the hot dog and its lovely ward the Little Smokie or cocktail weiner.

I propose that Americans who are comfortable with cocktail weiners might expand their horizons, a little bit at a time, with a cocktail weiner variety pack. This would be like a pack of jellybeans, with sausage types from around the world each in a precooked, snarf-ready cocktail weiner form. Types might include haggis, blood sausage, chorizo, scrapple, and many other sausage types that my own upbringing has prevented me from meeting, but which I know in my cheeks and sweetbreads must exist out there in the big world.

bungston, Aug 12 2009

Scrapple on line! http://www.jonesdai...crapple-P49C25.aspx
4 pounds of lovely precooked scrapple for only $25? Put that on your flying toast! [bungston, Aug 12 2009]


       I'm in, send me a pack [+] and while you're at it, try to export Scrapple north plx.
FlyingToaster, Aug 12 2009

       Ah. There's nothing I enjoy more than a sausage party.
DrWorm, Aug 12 2009

       No, I'm just not going to go there.
RayfordSteele, Aug 12 2009

       [sp: Wiener, corrected in the title. After Wien, the native name for Vienna.]
jutta, Aug 12 2009


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