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Star Trekking

A camping adventure of variable length and complexity, depending upon the price you have paid.
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You arrive on Friday evening, with a group of friends, collect your phasers, jumpsuits, backpacks, some funky silver one-man tents, space food and communicators and set off into the gloaming.

Over the next couple of days and nights you are attacked by Klingons, lost, imprisoned, rescued, starved, photon torpedoed, in and out of a coma in the sick bay, shot at and befriended by the inhabitants of Iota Geminorum IV.

Finally, weary but happy, you are picked up from the other end of the trail and head homeward, with a new set of friends for life.

Live long and prosper.

UnaBubba, Apr 30 2012


       Any green chicks?
tatterdemalion, Apr 30 2012

       Aenar, Andorians, Benzites, Orionids, Pandronians, the Tosk and Xaranites are all green, I think.
UnaBubba, Apr 30 2012

       Any idea mentioning Iota Geminorum followed by any Roman numeral gets a bun from me. Tribbles are invaluable for learning topology.
nineteenthly, Apr 30 2012

       "Make it so !!"   

8th of 7, Apr 30 2012

       He who LARPs last, LARPs longest.
4whom, Apr 30 2012

       How much extra do I have to pay to not be the guy in the red shirt? [+]
AusCan531, Apr 30 2012

       The Klingons only attack when you can't find any leaves.
Ling, Apr 30 2012

       To adhere to TOS standards, the fight scenes have to take place within areas filled with fake boulders, except the bars which are filled with plastic '60s furniture and painted cardboard. You know you're nearing the end of the tour when you run out of redshirts.
FlyingToaster, Apr 30 2012

       And whenever on a bridge you have to occasionally run from side to side, like senseless sheep.
UnaBubba, Apr 30 2012

       Is this going to be like one of those dumb games that camp counselors put on where the kids are attacked by various evil doers, only for [trekkie] adults? If we're doing this the phasers better hurt for real!
DIYMatt, May 01 2012

       We've hired a crew of Maori nightclub bouncers to play the part of Klingons (Like the way they hired a few hundred Maori lads as Orcs, for the LOTR movies), so you won't have to wash fake blood off your shirt, if that's what's concerning you, [DIYMatt].
Oh, and the phasers are reconditioned police-issue TASERS, set to reduced power but still powerful enough to empty your bladder.

       You'll remember the weekend, trust us.
UnaBubba, May 01 2012

       You can always use the phasers for signalling, with smoke. Just use one to "accidentally" set fire to the bald guy's toupee.
UnaBubba, May 01 2012

       // To adhere to TOS standards // the phasers are either disabled (by abberant local conditions, or malicious interference) or ineffective against opponents, being useful only for lighting fires and blowing lumps off the landscape. Similarly, the transporter is 'unavailable' and communications are- at best- erratic.   

       The thought of carrying a purely mechanical weapon, impervious to jamming, will of course not occur to any of the participants, nor will the concept of carrying spares for vital components i.e. Dilithium crystals.   

       On the plus side, a plateful of Tribble Kievs washed down with Romulan ale is a repast fit for any deranged megalomaniac scientist…
8th of 7, May 01 2012

       [8th], don't touch that furry thing! You never know where it's been!
UnaBubba, May 01 2012

       Tribbles would've been the ultimate weapon to defend against Borg. Hyper-reproducing kittens without faces, or butts, or legs, or...
RayfordSteele, May 01 2012


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