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The Opposite of Paper, Scissors, Stone

reversal of normal rules in the game of scissors, paper, stone
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It’s time this game had a makeover with new rules which are the exact opposite of the existing ones:

Paper beats scissors because it's sand paper and it wrecks the blades.
Stone beats paper because it's flint and it tears the paper apart, even sand paper.
Scissors beats stone because they fracture the brittle flint on impact.

xenzag, Feb 05 2024

paper_2c_20scissors...20fillet_20steak_2e [hippo, Feb 11 2024]


       [+] Makes about as much sense as the original rules.
a1, Feb 05 2024

       A different kind of opposite would be blob, blob, blob. Blob merges with blob etc. so no-one would ever win and no decisions could be taken.
pocmloc, Feb 06 2024

       There's also the combined "entropy" version where both contestants always lose.   

       Scissors cut paper, but become blunted and ruined.   

       Paper wraps rock, but is torn by the sharp edges.   

       Rock blunts scissors, but is fractured by the blades.   

       Lose lose
pocmloc, Feb 06 2024

       Zen Paper-Scissors-Stone: You shouldn't say that one thing 'beats' another because, really, these things are all the same at one level. What you see as differences and what you see as conflict are illusory, mmkay?
hippo, Feb 06 2024

       [+] Best done after playing somebody. "You got paper, I got stone, I win because it's flint and it tears your paper."   

       And tears and tears needs different spelling.
doctorremulac3, Feb 07 2024

       In today's alternative reality, everything is a loser's game.
4and20, Feb 08 2024

       What about the massive version with dozens of options?
nineteenthly, Feb 11 2024

       [19thly] do you remember this one (link)?
hippo, Feb 11 2024


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