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Trampoline Draughts

*Boing* *Boing* *Bounce!* "Hah, Steve, you're OUT!"
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I reckon that you could play draughts (checkers) on a trampoline - except with people as the pieces. The trampoline would have to be big, with specially marked spaces on it.

So, you have two teams, black versus white for example, represented by the colour of their t-shirts.

This would be pretty trying team-work wise, seeing as that you'd have to agree on whose turn it is to jump. Everyone would be in squatting position, unless it was their turn to jump, in which case you jump over an opposing player leap-frog style. If a 'piece' deliberately trips over someone while they're having their turn, that piece immediately gets taken out.

froglet, Jul 23 2005


       I like it. I'm not sure about the board being a single trampoline. I think people would tend to fall towards the centre, although this could be part of the fun. If it was done as sixty-four square trampolines joined together, it would work better. I think these would have to be slotted together having been assembled separately, because it would then be easier to transport, in several nested stacks perhaps.
nineteenthly, Jul 23 2005

       And who, [nineteenthly], has room for 64 square trampolines? This could be fun, because jumping would create a 'fallout' where other pieces are taken accidentally. The challenge would be to balance.   

       I'm keeping my bun and fishbone until you put more details in.
dbmag9, Jul 24 2005

       My bun/bone hinges solely on the quality of the smart-arsey comment.
Texticle, Jul 25 2005

       Well [dbmag9] if each of the 64 trampolines was to be 1/64 the size of the whole trampoline there wouldn't be any problem.
pooduck, Jul 25 2005

       How big is the original trampoline, [pooduck]? In my mind, 1/64th of a trampoline is not much.
dbmag9, Jul 25 2005

       I think you'd have to go with 64 small trampolines. If you had 64 average-weight people on one trampoline, even if it was strong enough to hold them all, you never be able to build up enough bounce for one person to jump, if all the others were standing still. Plus, if you did manage to get one person to jump, everyone else would probably lost their balance from the springs rebounding.   

       I'll bun it, though, because I love trampolining !
Katisha, Jul 25 2005

       Do Kings have to piggyback?
Cuit_au_Four, Jul 26 2005

       + on 19thly's mod.
Zimmy, Jul 26 2005

       No no no! You don't need sixty-four trampolines at all! Remember, checkers is only played on half the squares. That's 32 trampolines. Twice as practical. You only need all sixty four for chess, and that doesn't involve very much jumping.   

       I'm very concerned about crowning a piece that gets all the way to the eighth rank. In many sets this is done by stacking two pieces on top of one another, and I seriously doubt I could safely jump across another player with a third player riding piggy back.
joeforker, Jul 26 2005

       //Twice as practical// Twice as practical as completely impractical? What the hell is the result of that?
pooduck, Jul 26 2005

       Maybe I should have said "half as impractical" instead, since this site is all about halves.   

       This game would also be much more practical in a reduced gravity environment such as a moonbase. See? Perhaps it's just too far ahead of its time.
joeforker, Jul 26 2005


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