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Speed Golf

Just as dull, but quicker.
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It doesn't matter whether you get birdies, eagles, albatrosses or whatever. It's who crosses the finish line (18th hole) first. Simple really.
jtp, Jan 12 2007

Speed Golf http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_golf
[imaginality, Jan 12 2007]

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lostdog:"I sometimes play "Speed Golf" with my younger brother" [Ling, Jan 12 2007]

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       Seems perhaps a little dangerous since there would be golf balls flying everywhere. (I'm assuming, you wouldnt have to wait for the person in front of you to tee off and begin play.)
flynn, Jan 12 2007

       There's already a version of this, also called XTreme Golf (see link). You still score your shots, but add one for each minute you take to complete the course. I've played it a couple of times with friends - good fun, but totally knackering!
imaginality, Jan 12 2007

       //Seems perhaps a little dangerous since there would be golf balls flying everywhere.//   

       Maybe it wouldn't be as dull as I first thought.
jtp, Jan 12 2007

       Sorry for the delay, the original link wasn't working when I checked it, so I found a different one. If you like golf and like running, this is definitely worth trying.
imaginality, Jan 12 2007

       Hmmm... Guess that means it's baked then.
jtp, Jan 12 2007

       Well... since you're not counting scores, some players in your version might play lots of quick, short shots, or even try to 'dribble' the ball along. That means fit non-golfers could probably do well in your version, whereas they wouldn't do well in XTreme Golf. So there is that difference between the two.
imaginality, Jan 12 2007

       So, cheaper, 'cos only one club (invents a runcible club). Or perhaps you have to run with a complete set.
Who was the pro who played the 18th hole at St. Andrews with only a putter, to demonstrate that he could beat the double bogey he got using the driver and 'normal' clubs in competition? Did I remember it right?
Ling, Jan 12 2007

       You might have to wear football pads for this sport. Maybe you can have a defensive line blocking your golfers while they are constantly battling eachother on the green or in the rough. haha.
twitch, Jan 18 2007


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