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Urban golf

play golf on city streets
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Create a golf course within a congested urban area. Stop wasting wildlife habitat on golf courses. No need for landscaping, upkeep, herbicides, pesticides, etc. Just plot out a course in your downtown and start swingin', baby! Traffic, pedestrians, and sleeping bums would all be considered hazards.
mrthingy, Feb 23 2001

Ladbrokes.com Shoreditch Urban Open http://www.golftoda...04/shoreditch1.html
battled out on the streets of Shoreditch [LoriZ, Jan 28 2005]

Looks like this is baked http://www.urban-golf.org/
This is what google threw up. [energy guy, Mar 28 2005]


       On the contrary... I think anyone attempting to implement this idea would be considered the hazard...
PotatoStew, Feb 24 2001

       Spike Jonze directed a Dinosaur Jr music video for 'Feel the pain'. J Mascis is seen in full golfing regalia driving a buggy as he follows-on all the way through New York City. Most of the hazards you detail are illustrated in the clip. It's on the dvd of Spike Jonze's work which is pretty good - but another in the same series on director Michel Gondry is just incredible.
benfrost, Jan 29 2005

       Urban golf! Marvelous idea!

       A suggeston: a form of urban golf less hazardous to the golfer. The tee is on the top of a building. The green and cup are on the top of another building. Minimum building hight is 30 stories. Requires extremely high level of play. Breaking a window disqualifies a player immediately. Additional hazard ~ pigeons. Since this activity would be against some city ordinance, too many dead pigeons with golf balls embedded could "give the game away" so to speak. Perhaps it would work better if played at night? Difficult to judge the wind though. A hole should be completed in less than eight hours. No limit on lost balls.

       The rules allow a player to use the stairs. Of course, going down the stairs is no great trick... However, going up the stairs in the other building requires so many shots that it's almost always better to take the direct route.
Garboon, Mar 26 2005

       A friend of mine lives in a quiet English village in the home counties, where this is apparently a Christmas tradition. Tee off is at one end of the village high street; at the other, the 'hole' is the door to the village pub. Locals can be seen on Christmas Eve moving their cars out of harms' way.
moomintroll, Mar 28 2005

       More urban golf. This time UNDER the city streets. There are several miles of subway tracks that are no longer used in New York city. Since the lighting level is extremely low, golf balls that generate their own light are a requirement. Also, if a player has a tendency to either hook or slice off the tee, the player could become severly damaged by the riccochet off the iron columns that separate the uptown from the downtown tracks. Those wishing more excitement could play on the subway tracks in current use.
Garboon, Apr 11 2005

       The way to do it is this: 64 players in groups of 4 playing strokeplay. Choose an area where you can accomodate 18 holes. Have an even spread of pars 3, 4 and 5, use our specially designed balls and most importantly, make sure all the pubs are open. Like this... www.sgcgolf.com See you in the next city?
Warren Ptera, Jul 30 2005

       I saw that article, ribyminky. One has to wonder what par is.
Loris, Mar 14 2006

       two thumbs up!!
kristoferburrito, Mar 14 2006

       <Amazing timing. In my newspaper this very morning it has an article about a man called David Sullivan who is playing golf around the London Marathon route. Golf-tastic timing. Will post a link if I can find it.> Except that the idea was posted in 2001.
mrthingy, Jul 09 2006

       // Tee off is at one end of the village high street; at the other, the 'hole' is the door to the village pub. // [moomintroll] It would be even funnier if the game BEGAN at the pub and each of the contestants has downed a few beers.
MoreCowbell, Aug 02 2006


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