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Spent casing bead curtain

For the gun lover in your life.
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Gun lovers! You who like guns and all things gun - are you weary of bead curtains that are nice and keep out some flies, but have nothing to do with guns? BUNGCO thought you might be!

Introducing the Spent Casing Bead Curtain. It turned out it was ridiculously easy to thread these things onto strings. Initially we polished them up to shine brassily but then found our test audience liked the blue-black burntedness of the casings as found. But everyone liked the jingle these casings made when someone shouldered their way through the curtain, toting their favorite gun(s)!

The BUNGCO Spent Casing Bead Curtain can be all casings from your favorite shoot, or we can mix up various for more visual and cultural interest. For the true aficionado, our Deluxe Melange has no two casings on the same curtain. Invite over your posse, shoot some guns, and see who can identify the most casings on the curtain (key provided).

bungston, Apr 15 2014


       + very creative!
xandram, Apr 15 2014

       Baked by the owner of Maine Military Supply in Brewer, Maine. His name is Frank. There are pictures of his store on his website, maybe it's visible in one of them.   

       It makes a very pretty sound. [+] evoking the memory of something unexpectedly beautiful.
Alterother, Apr 15 2014

       Make 'em, sell 'em on Etsy. [+]
doctorremulac3, Apr 15 2014

       ^ packaged in old ammo boxes.
FlyingToaster, Apr 15 2014

       I always wanted to do some bronze sand castings using spent casings. Make a one sided mold in sand from an appropriate firearm, fill it with casings neatly arrayed, and overpour with melted casings...file off the rough edges and wall mount.
normzone, Apr 15 2014

       +. Congrats on the pastry magnet.
afinehowdoyoudo, Apr 15 2014

       Might provide good camo for the real live ammo chain you have dangling the 5th column from the left.
sophocles, Apr 15 2014

8th of 7, Apr 16 2014

       Bungston at his best! A toasted croissant with butter and jam for the maestro.
xenzag, Apr 16 2014

       The clinking of steel always makes me nostalgic. +
blissmiss, Apr 16 2014

       Nostalgic for what, if you care to share?   

       And, for anyone bent on correcting her (I know I would), some shell casings _are_ made of steel. Russian-made ammunition in particular is known for lacquered-steel casings. I don't know why.
Alterother, Apr 16 2014

       [+] Dig out the bits of mangled lead from the sandbank, glue them on the front door. Eventually give it some heft. (And meanwhile make it look interesting.)
skoomphemph, Apr 16 2014


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