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Stable door auto-closer

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This is one of those automatic door-closers such as is commonly used on fire doors, but this is designed for the doors on outbuildings where horses are kept. The door-closer will not operate automatically, but only based on input from its sensors - the first, a PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor (as used in many home burglar alarms) is used to confirm that the stable is empty, and the second sensor is an array of directional microphones, designed to detect the clattering of hooves going past.
hippo, Jan 17 2011


       does it count the horses? oh, I see, works when the stable is empty. can't think why this has not been done before.
po, Jan 17 2011

       Essential. [+].
8th of 7, Jan 17 2011

       Makes me think of a complementary idea:   

       Closing Door Repeller
So it doesn't hit you on the way out...
Jinbish, Jan 17 2011

       //What if this was prone to explode now and then?//   

       As long as it's only the bloody doors that are blown off then we're ok (I'm not sure where the blood comes from).
Jinbish, Jan 17 2011

       This idea would have been very useful, if only we could have implimented it earlier.
Twizz, Jan 17 2011

       // if only we could have implimented it earlier. //   

       That's because suitable backward-looking PIR detectors, designed for "hindsight", have only recently become available.
8th of 7, Jan 17 2011

       I thought this was a device to prevent the "closing of the door to the stable after the horse had gone" experience. As in, to keep the stable door closed to prevent the horse from escaping. I really need one of those
senatorjam, Jan 17 2011

       // prevent the horse from escaping //   

       Easy. Shoot the horse. Job done.
8th of 7, Jan 17 2011

       Zenco has the solution here, simply install the convenient mounting bracket into the stable, this allows the attachment of all manner of Equine beastery using a standardised threaded nut, washer and pin system through holes drilled in the hooves. Once your beasts have been secured to the wall, the stable door can be safely closed. Job Done.   

       Other products include our patented navigational/hydration device that means you can finally both ensure your horse gets to a predetermined refreshment location, but also successfully encourages it to fully take advantage of the beverage opportunities so presented.
zen_tom, Jan 18 2011

       Yes, and also a portable horse's head with a small loudspeaker in the mouth which you can direct important announcements through, in order to lend your utterings a spurious gloss of trustworthiness.
hippo, Jan 18 2011

       Just clip a garage-door opener to your horse's mane.
RayfordSteele, Jan 18 2011


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