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Stained Glass Patio Doors

Safety without stickers
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House proud mothers and house-husbands the world over take pride in their nice, clean, floor to ceiling, sliding patio/balcony door. That is until little Anna Hjelm walks into it and has to go home with a pack of peas strapped round her swollen head.

Most people get round this problem by putting large stickers on their window. This blocks light and results in a scum mark when you take the sticker off, and will reak havoc with your nice clean home.

The solution?

Stained glass patio doors. Allow a rainbow of coloured light to warm your home. Gaze upon a scene of your choosing as the morning sun streams in. Marvel at the new found privacy that you could gain from stained glass patio doors.

If they're anything, they're snygg

[ sctld ], Sep 12 2002

(?) Some doors http://www.santafe-...ass.com/doorsG1.htm
[Brackforn2, Sep 12 2002]

(?) Fake it http://www.calicocr...s/liquidrainbow.htm
Removable. No need to explain your (lack of) taste to the real estate agent. [half, Sep 12 2002]

(?) More windows http://www.masterpi...com/energytech.html
Leaded glass [reensure, Sep 12 2002]

(?) Baked in Gerrards Cross http://www.btintern...revorkent/xx026.htm
"Sun Room: 14’2 x 8’ With stained glass patio doors leading to patio, tiled floor." [angel, Sep 13 2002]


       The next time I wlak into a door, I'll have to try that pack of peas trick.
RayfordSteele, Sep 12 2002

       Sounds good as long as you're not colo(u)rblind.
FarmerJohn, Sep 12 2002

       my friend has 5' 9" doorway and a 6' husband. whoops.   

       lovely idea [sctld} anything that prevents a reak havoc free house has my vote. do you live in old reaky BTW?   


       whoops indeed. My appologies.   

       No i don't live any where near lothian. Not since the ... incident...
[ sctld ], Sep 12 2002

       Why stop at a kitchen when you can have kitchissimo.
General Washington, Sep 12 2002

       [sctld] now that is hardly playing the game is it? cut and paste my anno, delete my anno, paste it onto one of your own where I cannot correct it, and then delete my subsequent anno altogether with a smug little "sorry po" - consider yourself slapped and sugar lump treats withdrawn for a month.   

       please insert "creates" where I write "prevent" (to make sense) and replace "lovely" with "crap"
po, Sep 12 2002

       whisky, bliss. chin, chin.
po, Sep 12 2002

       What? What? Because I left out the s in kitschissimo I forfeit all rights to the gag? Oh, cruel law of the jungle.
General Washington, Sep 12 2002

       just make a pun on grate / great - all forgotten (he's on a different planet - shh)   

       hi, UB How goes it??
po, Sep 12 2002

       My prior home has two very nice stained glass windows in the foyer. They do not slide, granted.
waugsqueke, Sep 12 2002

       Una-General: Or lead from kirche-n to patio?
FarmerJohn, Sep 13 2002

       [Waugs] surely that's to be expected of a prior.
General Washington, Sep 13 2002

       [Phew! the music stopped and I did find a seat, eventually.]
General Washington, Sep 13 2002


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