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Soundtrack Doorway

RFID doorway plays your tune.
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Enter the room, and this RFID sensor placed above the doorway detects your card, and sends a message of what song to play to the internet applet, presumably running, which downloads a 20 second excerpt of the song and plays it back to the stereo or whatever speakers are connected to the device. Can also work for outro music, but, it would be harder to program, requiring some AI to discern when someone's about to leave.

An alternate route is to have you IPod filled up with so many songs, and you can just have the info sent to the IPod for retrieval.

daseva, Jul 14 2005

Fatal Auto Collision Song Fatal_20Auto_20Collision_20Song
by snarfyguy. [calum, Jul 14 2005]

Prof Kev. http://www.logon.or...uting%20Article.htm
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 15 2005]

Aural Perfume Aural_20Perfume
very similar idea [Acme, Jul 15 2005]

Personal Theme Personal_20Theme
Hey guess what? It's another very similar idea. [Acme, Jul 16 2005]


       I'd like an intro like on US talkshows, A Jazz band playing in a raucous fashion and a voiceover "And here he is...the man with the 100$ smile...Mr Minimal Schminimal!!!!"
That or the Pink Panther Theme......

Could get even more annoying than phone ringtones?? [+]
Minimal, Jul 14 2005

       The outro music should also be suitable for the mood in which the person leaving is in. For example, if he's leaving his girlfriend for the last time ("I must go, Molly, my love. The north wind is calling me. But remember, you're always in my heart.") the music must be a heart-wrenching celtic flute and piano duet.
Machiavelli, Jul 14 2005

       "The minute you walked in the door, Da, Da, Dah!"
po, Jul 14 2005

       Ideal for Prof. Kevin Warwick.
TolpuddleSartre, Jul 14 2005


       This could become a list very easily.
hidden truths, Jul 15 2005

       You know [ hidden truths] him, that bloke with Cybernetics on his mind.
skinflaps, Jul 15 2005

       And an RFID tag in his arm [linky]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 15 2005


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