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Because I should be revising right now
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You know that plaster stuff they put on ceilings in funny swirly patterns, would toothpaste not work just as well?
daaisy, Mar 31 2006


       //Because i should be revising right now// Yes, you should.   

       A major reason is that toothpaste is much more expensive per volume.
DesertFox, Mar 31 2006

       But I think it'd be worth it
daaisy, Mar 31 2006

       probably easier to remove. isn't it a bit passe now though?
po, Mar 31 2006

       //But yes, white toothpaste can be used to fill in nail holes and the like.//
In the apartment you're renting, of course.
ldischler, Mar 31 2006

       Just make sure to brush your ceiling twice a day.
phundug, Mar 31 2006

       And you can stick posters up with it. Apparently.
daaisy, Mar 31 2006

       +1 daaisy. why double a? I had an aunt daisy - sweet lady.
po, Mar 31 2006

       'dAAisy'...Ha, now there's a very entertaining and intruiging story!! Anyway, this revision isn't going to do itself..
daaisy, Mar 31 2006

       you run on batteries?
po, Mar 31 2006


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