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Spider Ladder

Spiders won't get trapped in sink.
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Every few mornings I find a spider trapped in my kitchen sink. The spiders can't climb up the slick walls, maybe it's just this variety of spider that has this problem, I'm not sure. I usually help them out and they go about thier business. Today I blasted one with some water by accident and mangled him.

The spider ladder would be like a miniature version of a swimming pool ladder that would hang off the edge of the sink and extend all the way down to the bottom. The spiders could come and go as they please.

MrColcannon, Aug 07 2005

(?) Alas! http://www.foundati...4/spiderladder.html
[ldischler, Aug 07 2005]

(???) delete this! http://www.cnn.com/...erica.ap/index.html
[MrColcannon, Aug 19 2005]

A ladder to help moths out of baths http://en.wikiquote...d_Mirrors_.5B2.5.5D
IT Crowd: Smoke & Mirrors [Dub, Aug 30 2010]

In Search of Originality http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01fd4v4
iPlayer account (in UK) required [Dub, Mar 15 2018]

IT Crowd - S02-E05 - Smoke and Mirrors https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2be766
[09:50] but worth watching all [Dub, Mar 15 2018, last modified Nov 18 2018]

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       Another option is to leave a large heap of dirty dishes in your sink. They will serve as a ladder also. Or as a hiding place - yiii!
bungston, Aug 07 2005

       [MrColcannon], you are very nice to spiders.   

       And your idea is F'ing baked. You are, officially, not alone.
daseva, Aug 08 2005

       I put duct tape on the side of the tub n sink to rescue bugs fabric tape is a better way though.
beanangel, Aug 11 2005

       it's funny to see that this is baked. good idea with the duct/cloth tape. i also realized that rungs aren't necessary. recently i've just been leaning a potholder up against the side of the sink.   

       i think the spider ladder needs to be height-adjustable, removable, mold resistant, easy to clean, and aesthetically attractive. i'd also like it to be made out of sustainable materials. will give it some thought.   

       also, seems like some others like the idea of bringing megafauna to the U.S. [link] ala the american rhino.
MrColcannon, Aug 19 2005

       Is that Summer Sanders in [ldischler]'s link?
shapu, Aug 19 2005

       yay, lets save the innocent bugs of the world. MrCalcannon you have my vote
chocolateraindrops, Aug 19 2005

       Baked, if i must say. You can (and always have been able to) buy spider ladders for your bath.   

       Good idea though ...
Mrlemonjelly, Dec 02 2005

       If I'm not mistaken, this idea's sort-of referenced (a ladder for moths rather than spiders) in the IT Crowd "smoke and Mirrors"
Dub, Aug 29 2010

blissmiss, Aug 30 2010

       In the same vein, a worm ladder for those annelids caught in the rushing curb flow which might get the little guts back into the soil.
wjt, Aug 30 2010

       Yes, [Bliss]?
Dub, Aug 30 2010

       I was going to post possum ladder for garbage cans. This is pretty much the same idea.
nomocrow, Aug 30 2010

       Racoons are said to be very smart about getting into garbage cans. Do you think they could learn to use an elevator?
mouseposture, Aug 31 2010

       [Bliss] Linky
Dub, Mar 15 2018

       [MrColcannon] had a brief run in 2005 ... ah, those were the days.   

       Of course, these are also.
normzone, Mar 15 2018

       There used to be a little "spider ladder" novelty you could buy as a sort of joke gift. The best thing about it was the poem on the packaging which, decades later, for some unknown reason I still remember most of:

The spider comes not up the plug
For it is blocked with water
So do not wash him down again
You know you didn't oughta

He falls into the bathtub white
From off the bathroom ceiling
So hang this tiny ladder out
And show a little feeling

(something, somthing, something, something)
Between the H and C taps
And watch him clamber out again
And dry eight hairy kneecaps.
hippo, Mar 16 2018

       I heard he took the long ladder from this filthy earthen sink to heaven. If only he’d squished that black widow instead of letting it climb his dinky ladder into his pants
DDRopDeadly, Mar 16 2018

       Yes; the advisability of this idea does depend on whether you live somewhere there are black widows (or redbacks, as we call them in these parts). It's all about the food web; redbacks eat smaller spiders so, if you tolerate the harmless little spiders in your house, then the nastier ones will follow them in to prey on them.
pertinax, Mar 16 2018


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