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Superimposed Board Games

Inspired by "Simultaneous Checkers."
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Under "Simultaneous Checkers," [po] suggested the superimposition of a chess game upon a game of checkers. So I'll take this a bit further.

First, take an odd bunch of games that can be played on a large board (14x14): Chess, Checkers, Stratego, Snakes and Ladders, and maybe Scrabble, but you can throw in others. Naturally, some of the sub-games will not require every single square, but there should be as much overlap as possible. The objective is to win >50% of the subgames.

Players alternate turns, at the start of which they will roll a die. Now here's the kicker: after the roll, player two gets to choose which subgame player one will play. If applicable, the value on the die will be used.

I'm aware you could do this with separate boards, but it's both more ergonomic and chaotic this way.

EDIT: I suppose I should mention that the pieces from one subgame have no effect on the pieces of another subgame, which was also mentioned in the annos from Simultaneous Checkers.

Cuit_au_Four, Jan 20 2006

Simultaneous Checkers Simultaneous_20Checkers
Read the first annotation. [Cuit_au_Four, Jan 20 2006]

I remember linking snakes & ladders with these babies which I thought was far more ingenious of me. ;) Deoxyribonucleinker_20toys
[po, Jan 20 2006]


       Let me check I'm getting this right...   

       "Kings Knight takes Pawn... Damn a snake... Back to the start again. Ah, but with my knights ended up on a Tripple Word Score... That's... Your turn to throw the dice."?   

       [Double Letter Scoring Bun]
Dub, Jan 20 2006

       monopoly and trial pursuit.   

       take care folks, this is listable.
po, Jan 20 2006

       The whole site lists a bit to port.
ato_de, Jan 20 2006

       pass the port.
po, Jan 20 2006

       21 Q: If you want to annotate about simultaneous checkers you'd best do that on that idea rather than here. In response to your annotation, though, the pieces have exactly the same amount of space to move as before, since one game uses the back squares, and the other the white squares.
st3f, Jan 20 2006


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