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sudoku punchout

push the numbers to eliminate them. They leave with a nice pop but stay hinged
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The board consists of 81 3x3 squares, Around the perimeter of this grid are another two sets of 3x3 squares. (Letting you mark the rows columns, blocks and digits usage)

Each can be punched out by your finger. A punched out digit leaves with a nice popping sound, but is left hanging from a hinge benieth the board.

You can pull the number up, for marking digits that your sure about.

Turning the board upside down and 1 long movement with the palm of your hand brings them all back and ready for another game.

Punchable lines along the borders between the 3x3 squares let you set it up in non-standard ways.

You can mark the original ones by pulling them up and out a bit.

The app has bubble-wrap on the numbers you punch out, and when punched out makes that satisfying pop while the number goes grey and splattered. Long clicking pulls it "up" with a whoosh sound.

pashute, Sep 06 2020


       editing with bubble-wrap app
pashute, Sep 06 2020

       NOW you have a winner, [pash]. Bubble wrap noises are the perfect finishing touch.
8th of 7, Sep 06 2020


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