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"This vehicle is about to explode" alarm

Will scare robbers, pedestrians, bomb squads, ect.
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When most car alarms go off it is usually caused by something other than a car thief. One cause is a large Hummer bumping into my *ahem* small car. And if a thief was breaking in I doubt a car going "Beep Beep Beep!" will scare him away. Most likely he will shut it off if he knows how.

For both cases I introduce the "This vehicle is about to explode" alarm. When something sets it off a blaring voice starts saying, "This car will explode in 10, 9, 8, 7..." upon which anyone near the car most likely will go ducking for cover.

Of course to maintain the belief that this could happen, one in 10,000 cars equipped will also have to be equipped with C4, preferably near the gas tank. In the small chance your the odd nut job that was willing attach C4 to his/her car in case of such situations I'm sure some Insurance rebate can be worked out.

MrDaliLlama, Oct 20 2004


       Or the manufacturers could secretly install the explosive device. That way everyone will have to run. I like it.
Trimoor, Oct 20 2004

       Oh yeah. Car bombs. Hilarious. -
waugsqueke, Oct 20 2004

       What happens after 10, 9, 8, 7 ..... 3, 2, 1?   

       Does the bomb really go off? or do the cops come after you for a bomb hoax and a bomb disposal sqad?
sridhar236, Jun 02 2006

       This would have been really useful for the ChiPs, because a lot of cars blew up in Souther California when they were around.   

       Dour old [waugs]. Always with a grin and a giggle, that one was.
bungston, Jun 02 2006

       i wonder if a large electronically ignited by remote triggered by car alarm sensors pointed at the car bottle rocket or morter of some sort maybe a catapult with an m80 would work
permafried, Nov 03 2011


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