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Theft Proof car

Steering wheel which can not only be removed, but carried in pocket
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The steering wheel of course is already removable in stock cars and other racing cars, but my idea is to make it out of a strong Titainium that folds up very compactly. When you attach the wheel and unfold it sliders will move into place to secure the outside wheel grip. The wheel grip itself un folds like those play expanding swords. There will be of these wheel grip extensions to make a complete circle. As an attachement you could have leather grips which wrap around the four extensions. These of course could be left in the car because who would just want those without the wheel. I think this would replace the Club in a matter of years. As an added saftey device the steering wheel itself might have to be fitted like a key to prevent someone from sticking any other wheel into place. Mostly this idea is for the benefit of carrying you wheel in your brief case or purse and not having to lug around the whole wheel itself.
Vavon, Jul 13 2001

From 'Partsclub.com' http://www.automoti...duct.asp?prd_id=976
[StarChaser, Jul 13 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       why not have the club™ built into the steering wheel instead? that way, when you lock the car, the club™ automatically extends from the wheel and does its job.   

       this reminds me of all the people (myself included) who have removable-faceplate stereos but never remove them, because it's such a p.i.t.a. to carry them around.
mihali, Jul 13 2001

       The car thieves will develop a steering wheel which can be clamped onto the column, as opposed to fitting into it.
snarfyguy, Jul 13 2001

       Baked. Remove steering wheel, lock armored cover over stump of steering column. There exists a link.
StarChaser, Jul 13 2001

       Doesn't anyone remember rocket man??? simply remove one of your "drive" tires and bring it with you wherever you go....haha
Cryptic33, Jul 14 2001

       Star, the idea isn't so much the removable part but instead the idea that the steering wheel is collapsible and you can carry it around with you. I mean we all know you can remove it but who wants to walk around with a big steering wheel. If it collapses then it wouldn't be any inconvenience.
Vavon, Jul 15 2001

       Let's get rid of steering wheels entirely and use joysticks instead. Much more portable. The ignition key would be part of the same device. They could even be telescoped to fit in your pocket. I don't carry a briefcase or purse.
cheeselikesubstance, Jul 16 2001

       So the steering wheel acts sort of like a key. I can see some technical difficulties there, but if there's a workaround, then all is well. But I have to wonder about theives carrying around lockpicks shaped like steering wheels.
beerhunter, Jan 12 2002

       I understand the point of the "Look mister thief! I've got the steering wheel and your stuck in the car! Say hello to Barney for me!" and it very dashing and all, but would it not interfere with power steering and such? If someone stands to correct me, i pre-appolgize.
tinamn, Jun 19 2002

       Shouldn't interfere with power steering. The wheel is just a handle, the work is done by the pump in the engine compartment. You could drive the car around using a wrench as a tiller if you liked.
StarChaser, Jun 19 2002

       put a steel I beam with a hole in the side wedged under your brake. Then take a pad lock and lock it to the break arm. That way the thief can shift the car out of park. simple as that. I dought a theif will carry a pair of lock cutters on him
Tubby, Jun 25 2002

       steering wheels are very thin and mostly made out of rubber because would you like to be driving along and get in a car accident, wouldn't like a huge peace of metal in my face steering wheels are made to be flexable for just that reason.
Half-Life, Sep 03 2002

       Just drive a piece of junk that no thief would want and you wouldn't have to worry about it being stolen.
gettin_it, Sep 03 2002

       "You could drive the car around using a wrench as a tiller if you liked."...
Now there's an idea...
MikeOliver, Mar 15 2004

       An idea which I have done. Not on the street mind you, but a race car needed moving and the steering wheel was inside. I had vice grips and a rag, no damage was done, and the car got moved.   

       It is a PITA trying to drive a car with no power steering like that though.
BLSTIC, Jun 14 2008


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