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Spinning Croissant

spin croissant and drum fingers on keyboard
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[marked for deletion when HB returns to normal loading]

A spinning croissant would indicate that the halfbakery was in lagged loading mode.

xenzag, Mar 02 2015

Laggy_20HB_3f extra lagging [xenzag, Mar 02 2015]


       Fish bone rotational graphic device ?
popbottle, Mar 02 2015

       onclick() would require Javascript...no thanks.</intentionally missing the joke>
Spacecoyote, Mar 02 2015

       [+] but no.
FlyingToaster, Mar 02 2015

       You'd need another graphic to denote that your browser was in the process of loading the spinning croissant animation.
hippo, Mar 03 2015

       This sounds like a crummy idea. A spinning croissant would fling crumbs everywhere.
AusCan531, Mar 03 2015

       It's spinning so fast now, that it's just a blur.
xenzag, Mar 03 2015


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