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We love you [Bliss]

Cheer Blissy up
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I have the strong impression that one of us has been feeling low. I want her to know how much I appreciate her presence, thoughts, and participation.

Voice, Jul 26 2022

But!... but those fish are crossing the border illegally! https://en.wikipedi...ettle_River_Map.png
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 28 2022]


       We love you Blissy! [+]
doctorremulac3, Jul 26 2022

       Croissants for [blissmiss]! We have croissants for [blissmiss] here! [+]
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 26 2022

       cabin with a veranda next to a creek...
we can smuggle you across...

       just sayin   

       I vote to not expiry this. This place could always use a little more kindness.
doctorremulac3, Jul 27 2022

       hello [blissmiss]!
DenholmRicshaw, Jul 27 2022

       Hey Blissy! If you're up for a road trip and you can make your way up the left coast, we're heading off for a visit with 2 fries in a week or so. Pretty sure we can make room for one more in the RV...
Canuck, Jul 28 2022

       Now we're talkin!   

       There's always the hollowed out log method.
Nobody ever seems to want to take me up on that though.

       Take a warm second bun, lucky #13!
21 Quest, Jul 28 2022

       If it's too hot where you are Blissy, I can offer some cool, rainy respite.
AusCan531, Jul 28 2022

       What's that, Randy? Are you thinking about building a log ride on your property now? Count me in!!   

       Uh-oh. Maybe I shouldn't be putting ideas into your head. We can hardly wait to see you guys again and marvel at what you have done to the place!!
Canuck, Jul 28 2022

       No there's a section of the Kettle river which enters the States and then snakes back into Canada again for a bit before heading back south. [link]   

       If I were in the smuggling business I would use hollowed out logs with transponders on a timer to transport goods and money back and forth across the border.   

       I really need to get out more...   

       Hmm... a quick look back shows the last anno from [blissmiss] was on July 14. How long is a respectful/appropriate time to wait before we call International Rescue?
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 29 2022

       I have checked her facebook page and she seems to be ok. Everyone needs a break now and then…
xandram, Jul 29 2022

       Earning my love is not so cheap! hahahahahahaha
xenzag, Jul 29 2022

       Now you've gone and made me cry. I've really never felt so special. Xtine came and drug me out of my grieving and pushed me towards moving on. I recently lost 2 very dear people in my life, one right after the other. One was the Matriarch of my family, the other was from this sorta-half-a-family, here.   

       As we age, as many here know, friends and the dearest of your family members begin to leave this plane rather suddenly, one by one. Part of the cycle of life, I know, but that doesn't make grieving any less painful.   

       Thank you to those who have brightened this difficult time, and for some you have been adding so much joy to my life longer than I can even remember. Also for those offering me a place to relocate to, in a different country where human rights actually mean something, I can't thank you enough. I'm going to work now on some kind of magical way to get there, because flying is less and less an option.   

       I can't leave without thanking our incredibly patient and tolerant leader, jutta. I've no idea why we are all here, but for as long as we are let's celebrate every damn day, and dance, and for sure let those endless possibilities of brilliant ideas live on forever. Even if they only exist here, and in our minds,they have made life so much more bearable during the really challenging times, of which there have been many.   

       Thank you, Voice, for making me feel seen. It's nice, and it's rare, so thank you again.
blissmiss, Aug 01 2022

       Yay Blissy alive and well! Thanks for stopping in and easing everyone’s worry. Though I saw all your Wordle scores and figured you were at least OK.   

       I, too have lost two very dear friends in the last four months. It’s not easy as I am getting old and have outlived a bunch of my friends already. I think I have learned to accept grief a little better since both my parents died in the past few years also. I am one who believes we have another life after this! Blessings and hugs to you my dear.
xandram, Aug 01 2022

pocmloc, Aug 02 2022

       Bless you bliss!
chronological, Aug 02 2022


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