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SpongeNeedle - Sponge Stick Accessory

Sponge Stick Accessory for Cleaning Bottles or Rubbing
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An additional stick sold in the bag with the sponges. Looks like a big needle (or perhaps like a clenged fist) and you stuff the sponge into it. Then you use it to clean bottles etc.
pashute, Oct 18 2002

EZ Clean Rotary Bottle Brush http://www.evenflo....otarybrush.phtml?nf
"Soft, flexible and durable foam end" [phoenix, Oct 18 2002]

Mommy's Helper Floating Bottle Brush http://www.netkidsw...m/momhelfloatb.html
[phoenix, Oct 18 2002]

Bottlebrushes http://farrer.riv.c.../ASGAP/gall2aa.html
off-topic [ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 14 2004]


       Guess you've never seen a bottle brush in your evidently rather limited travels.
DrCurry, Oct 18 2002

       I call the sponge-needle sponge-stick accessories with liquid soap chambers the "single soul's savior." The common name, "bottle brush," although alliterative, is a bit more boring than sn-ss a.   

       I think I got mine at my grandmother's estate sale in 1984.   

       "Rubbing" what?
1kester, Oct 18 2002

       the idea is for, what, a stick? Like a chopstick, but for the sole purpose of sticking it in a sponge?   

       Anyway, sponges on sticks for cleaning bottles certainly ain't new...
yamahito, Oct 18 2002

       Ok here goes. I'm protecting my idea which proves to be above all the remarks!   

       Notice that these bottle brushes have to be bought seperately, so you buy one a year (till it's lost). When it's lost you don't immediately replace it, instead you go along trying to get the sponge in it (or using a fork). Now tell me, what's so hard to add a simple "needle like" plastic chopstick to every package of sponges. It would cost an extra .001 cents to the manufacturer and would be great for their business.   

       Now, if you want to use the sponge do so, but if you need the sponge inside the bottles, you use THE SAME SPONGE, the one in the color and texture you prefer, as a bottle brush.   

       Now I hope you change those fishbones back into cru's...   

       Dr, Let's see: N.America: NY (WTC), NJ, NC, TN, VA, Amish Country (first time I saw a drive in bank, didn't understand where the voice was coming from, left car and looked around, then didn't understand how to work the vacume capsule, had Amish guys looking at me with their mouths open: "Are you from the Holy Land?") PA, MD, DC, DE. Asia: Israel (home), Jordan, Lebanon, Thailand. Europe: Holland, Switserland, Greece. Australia: Sydney, Canberra, Blue Mountains, The bush. Africa: Egypt.
pashute, Oct 21 2002

       It would seem than that your idea is actually a marketing strategy rather than an invention, which I think disqualifies it under the "Consumer Advice" statute of the Help page. Any lawyers out there?
snarfyguy, Oct 22 2002

       No, I think its an invention. Nobody ever made a sponge needle.   

       The NEED is there IMHO. (More accessable than a bottle brush).   

       The marketing gimik is the way to make it go.
pashute, Oct 13 2004


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