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Vomit Sponge

clean up after yourself
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a good one for the care industry this one. A sponge - ultra porous - with bigger psonge-holes to facilitate the capture of errant peas and sweetcorn bits
dazwah, Feb 19 2002

Issue them with one of these each. http://www.halfbake...dea/Vomit_20Handbag
[angel, Feb 19 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I thought the existing standard was sawdust?
mcscotland, Feb 19 2002

       Having mopped up (other people's) vomit on a disturbuingly large number of occisions, I fear that this would not work. Vomit comes in many forms, ranging in viscosity, colouration, stench and "chunk-factor." Each vomit-mopping must be dealt with as an individual problem with an individual solution. A unitary system of vomit removal is but a pipe-dream.   

       There is not a sponge on Earth that can effectively deal with vomit. You may get the liquid, but you'll never, ever get the stringy bits of cheese.
calum, Feb 19 2002

       Very graphic calum. When I worked in a butchers it was always sawdust we used to clean up the more repugnant mess. There might be many other alternatives, but I think this is probably the best.
mcscotland, Feb 19 2002

       How about you rub the offending person's face in their own vomit? It works for dogs when you rub their noses in their own jobbies - surely it would also work for jakies?   

       Or perhaps you'd just end up getting chibbed. Hmmm. Sawdust still seems like the best option, really.
salachair, Feb 19 2002

       What is it with you and jakies salachair?
mcscotland, Feb 19 2002

       OK, [calum], thanks for your input. Show of hands if eeew!
angel, Feb 19 2002

       Apologies for any stomach-turning that I caused. In actual fact, what is posted above is a much more polite version of what I originally intended to write.   

       But, y'know, vomit is disgusting, vomiting is disgusting and the more people are reminded of that fact the less likely (I hope) it is that they will vomit and leave the mess for some other poor swine to mop. With or without a vomit-sponge.   

       And salachair, you are becoming more Glaswegian with every anno: chibbed, jakies, jobbies. Have you ingested a copy of "The Patter"?
calum, Feb 19 2002

       [calum] it's not "the patter", it's "ra patter". And the "t"s are silent, apparently. As you know only too well.   

       I, on the other hand, am far too well-heeled to know anything about such matters.   

       I am, you know.
salachair, Feb 19 2002

       What's wrong with a wet-vac?
gootyam, Feb 19 2002

       In dazwah's defense, 'clean up after yourself' is a good meme. I don't think any mere sponge will promulgate it though.
hello_c, Feb 19 2002

       //And the "t"s are silent//   

       <weegee>Naw, thur no. Thur glo'al plosives... cause ye make it wi yer glo'is, like.</weegee>
Guy Fox, Feb 19 2002

       Yet again, GuyFox, I bow to your superior knowledge and wisdom. Us good folks of "Sooth Maryhill" know not of such speech patterns. Anyway, I'm far too posh for that. Aye, ahm ur. Naw, hang oan, ahm urny. Oops.
salachair, Feb 20 2002


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