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Velcro on sock toe

Velcro lets you fold your sock under to move that hole in your sock.
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Extra long tube type socks would have a piece of hook Velcro at the tip of the toe. When a hole appears at your big toe you just pull the sock down an inch or so and fold the tip under. The weave of the underside of the sock would need to be open enough to be gripped by the hooks. Continue doing this as new holes develope. When the velcro gets to your heel you need a new pair of socks.
hangingchad, Jan 05 2004


       I always get old, leaky fire hose from the dumpster. It has just the right diameter for such a sock and retains a pleasant humid atmosphere. Cut a yard and staple one end closed. Put it on and enjoy until that toe hole develops. With fire hose that can actually take a while, but when it finally happens pull down, cut off and re-staple. Easy as pie.   

       Warning: Make sure toes are retracted from section of hose that is being cut off or stapled. Cutting or stapeling hose with enclosed toes can cause serious discomfort.
kbecker, Jan 05 2004

       if you can afford the internet you could probably afford to buy some new socks.. however, your idea deserves a +
v0rtexx, Jan 06 2004


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