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Sports Minivan

High powered minivan.
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Your basic family minivan, but with Z rated wide tires, stiffened chasis and suspension, and a 300HP V8.
Krate, Mar 18 2002

(?) 12 Second Minivan http://www.udnet.net/~pauls/89turbo.htm
There is also a club for turbo minivans somewhere. Why I don't know. [dag, Mar 18 2002]

Scoffs at Mercedes . . . http://www.motorcit...99HHL483217052.html
Not a mini-van, but then, either is a MB ML series . . . [bristolz, Mar 19 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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phoenix, Mar 18 2002

       Baked. [link] but I still wonder WHY!
dag, Mar 18 2002

       center of gravity. it wil never handle like a sports car. the Mercedes ML series is, for all intents, as close to a sports-mini-van as you will find.
rbl, Mar 18 2002

       Thanks for the great link, dag! Phoenix, SUVs are not my dream sports-mini-van, they are off-road oriented. I'm thinking of a powerful street-oriented machine. And, yeah rbl, there is no way it will ever be a sports car, but it could be better than the snail barge that are most mini vans. And, as for why, it seems like a completely undeveloped niche. Some SUVs are pretty much sporty minivans, and they sell like crazy, but they squander their abilities on the street. A sporty street-oriented machine seems to make more sense.
Krate, Mar 18 2002

       Well then I have to question the judgement of someone who wants to drag race with the soccer team in the back seat(s).
phoenix, Mar 19 2002

       Well, if the whole team stuck their hands out the window they would induce drag.
bristolz, Mar 19 2002

       Gosh, don't some sailboats use lead-weighted keels to lower their center of gravity? Could one not minimize topside minivan weight by making the body of styrofoam and then adding a lead plate under the floor? Voila! Center of gravity right between the wheels! Handles like a kart!
Dog Ed, Mar 19 2002

       They do use lead keels...but the last one I heard mentioned was twenty two tons. A bit much for a four cylinder engine...
StarChaser, Mar 21 2002

       Not everyone thinks this is a bad idea. Porsche made one for me, the Porsche Cayenne! 450 HP sport minivan at last!
Krate, Jan 07 2003


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