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Spray-on Carpeting

Carpet odd shaped rooms with ease. Install carpet without seams!
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Any square or rectangular room can be carpeted fairly easily, however rooms that are round or oddly shaped tends to cause a bit of challenge when attempting to cut the carpet to fit the room. Also if you have to carry large sections of carpet into difficult and tight areas such as attic lofts, the spray-on solution is the key to professional results. You wont even be able to tell where the seams are because there are none.

The solution is Spray-on Carpeting! Its a 2 part product where a semi-adhesive rubber coating is sprayed on a floor or sub floor. Another tool such as a hopper or similar device will be used to spread round ball-shaped fibers across the surface. The rubber coating will cure in about 30 minutes or so and the final process would be to run a special vaccuum cleaner across the surface that will trim and level off any uneven parts of the surface cutting the top of the yarn ball making for a fiberous carpeting surface that is indistinguishable between that and plush carpeting.

Because the rubber coating is semi-adhesive, it will stick hard enough to prevent the carpet from sliding however it can be easily removed by peeling it up from the floor. This would be an excellent way to repair spills, burns, and other stains.

Jscotty, Sep 16 2005

Go Flock Yourself http://www.swicofil.com/flock.html
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       Elegant thought - croissant.   

       In fact, you wouldn't have to vacuum the carpet ever again - just spray a new coat on when it got too dirty.
DrCurry, Sep 16 2005

       I bet the manufacturer would change the colours regularly so that you would have to renew the whole floor rather than repair small patches but that's not your fault. +1
po, Sep 16 2005

       Excellent Idea +
Kcsolutions123, Sep 17 2005

       Creative thinking but I don't think that this will work.
Your high traffic areas will be rubbed raw in no time.

       but then you could just replace it by spraying some more on.
chocolateraindrops, Sep 17 2005


       carpet would look great on my fridge.
benfrost, Sep 18 2005

       oooh, carpet on walls. Fuzzy walls
chocolateraindrops, Sep 18 2005

       I was reading this idea and started to look around my house. It has some pretty drastic corners and turns. Yet the carpet looks wonderfull. Cant find a single seem or a rough cut. I think this idea is trumped by the fact that people do this for a living and are very good and laying carpet.
Antegrity, Sep 19 2005

       Could get a fella drunk, rub the carpet off of his floors, and respray on the ceilings.
shapu, Sep 19 2005

       "Wall-to-wall carpeting" would never again be the status symbol it once was.
Almafeta, Sep 19 2005

       I did it myself mostly, Antegrity and its a complete bloody shambles.
po, Sep 19 2005

       You weren't holding the spray can at the right distance, obviously.
DrCurry, Sep 19 2005

       Like Popeil's spray on hair?
half, Sep 19 2005

       No, but that could be another invention used to cover up stains and blemishes on regular carpeting.
Jscotty, Sep 19 2005

       ...or vice versa.
Cuit_au_Four, Sep 20 2005

       Bun. Once you've sprayed on an underlay, peel it off and use it as a template for cutting out your proper carpet!
moomintroll, Sep 20 2005


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