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Whoopee Carpet

An audible carpet
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The whoopee carpet incorporates small reserviors of air in its foam cushion. The outlets of these air pockets have a variety of different auditory stimulus generators to suit the taste of the owner.

Available packages include,

For the Music Lover, Whistle, Pan Flute, Pipe Organ, Bagpipe

For the prankster, Original Whoopee, Dog Toy, Rubber Ducky, Cow,Sqeaking Shoe

For the outdoorsman, Bird Calls, Wind, Chirping

For the Jealous Spouse, Creaky Floor, Name Whisper

New sounds coming soon.

jhomrighaus, Aug 10 2006

Nightingale floors http://en.wikipedia.../Nightingale_floors
A precursor? [Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 10 2006]


       Hilarious! I love it. I would definately get more excercise with something like this. Walking the floors wouldn't be such a dreadful thing anymore.   

       Of course, it might work to deter criminals who fear being heard. AH! And alas, hinder late night snackers who don't want to get caught snacking!
tallbrownie, Aug 10 2006

       I don't think I would *ever* get tired of such a carpet!
Tasty pastry for you!
The_Englishman_Abroad, Aug 10 2006

       The original whoopee carpet as you mentioned would be ideal for the hallway to your bathroom. As guests or relatives trot along post-haste, resounding parps will be drowned out only by resounding laughter, titters, guffaws etc as you listen safely from the warmth of your television.
benfrost, Aug 10 2006

       Thats a neat link [Galbinus_caeli]. I had never heard of such a thing.
jhomrighaus, Aug 10 2006

       Those crazy Japanese.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 10 2006

       Fantastic, hilarious, brilliant. [+]
Frankx, Aug 15 2006

       Essential. [+]
daseva, Aug 15 2006

       I want a squeaking shoe carpet! [+]
MoreCowbell, Aug 15 2006

       Does it come in a rug design too? One that makes a shotgun-pumping sound. That way you could place the rug by the door when you go out of town to scare the be-jeebers out of any would-be thief.
Hunter79764, Aug 15 2006

       I have quite squeaky floors already, thank you.   

       Now if this thing could have a noise cancellation installed in little patches of carpet, I could stick the little patches wherever the floor squeaks and viola! no noise.   

       Patches? Patches?! I need lots of stinkin' patches.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 16 2006

       This just became my alltime best idea. Weeeeeee
jhomrighaus, Aug 16 2006

       Holy COW!!!! my first 2.5 bun idea. I am so happy.
jhomrighaus, Sep 25 2006

       Congratulations, young grasshopper.
DesertFox, Sep 25 2006

       I can't fathom what somebody doesn't like about this idea after all this time. It was my best ever with a flawless record. I guess the autoboner finally caught up with me after more than a year. Good bye 2.5 buns!
jhomrighaus, Oct 06 2007


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