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Teenager's Room Carpet

bas relief messy floor
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Off-cuts and seconds of brand-name clothing, sewn together, layered if necessary for consistent thickness and strength, then cross-sewn to a substrate in a wide diamond pattern, to provide a fashionable and durably quilted floor covering.
FlyingToaster, Sep 13 2013

Somewhat related to Bachelor_20Carpet
[FlyingToaster, Sep 14 2013]

Jeans Carpets https://www.google....=1920&bih=976&dpr=1
Kinda baked. [UnaBubba, Sep 16 2013]

pillow to go with it [+] http://www2.fiskars...rt-Rag-Quilt-Pillow
[xandram, Sep 16 2013]


       Machine washable?
Alterother, Sep 13 2013

       The quilted top is washable; it attaches to the mesh backing by velcro.
FlyingToaster, Sep 13 2013

       I would propose overlaying this on a concrete floor with a drain covered by a removable metal grid, covered in foam pads small and sturdy enough to be machine washable. Anything liquid of sufficient volume will fall through to the drain. Anything gel- like will either drip through the same way or some up against one of the coverings. Anything particulate will be trapped in the foam, carpet, or fall through depending on the grain size. Anything solid will sit upon the carpet.   

       Every five years or so and after the nasty little blight is gone you can just clear the room and comprehensively clean it with less effort than removing a traditional carpet and set of floor boards.
Voice, Sep 14 2013

       The power washer industry will salute you.   

       Also, the idea is good. It has much going for it. Exploitation of susceptible prehumans (who are effective liquidators of a given society's wealth) and recycling, which gives politicians boners. [+]
daseva, Sep 14 2013

       Yes, what daseva said. I think. +
blissmiss, Sep 14 2013

       I just thought it up so clothing strewn all over the place would blend in. Camouflage, related to <link>
FlyingToaster, Sep 16 2013

       yep [UB] similar to a couple of those (the ones that look like they're made of old jeans sewn together haphazardly, but not the ones that look like they're made from used denim, or assembled with a rhyme or reason), but from new clothing and including shirts and socks and stuff as well. Like a messy floor, but two dimensional: flat enough not to be tripped over.
FlyingToaster, Sep 16 2013

       // prehumans //   

       Sp. "subhumans", "untermensch" ...   

8th of 7, Sep 16 2013

       Take care not to catch a toe in one of the pockets!
jurist, Sep 16 2013

       //pockets// Despite the look of the carpet, it's actually assembled quite carefully. Pockets are sewn shut and usually have the material underneath removed to maintain a consistent carpet thickness. Likewise belt loops: they're sewn to the waist of the trousers but the material behind the loops is removed so there's very little protrusion. Buttons are replaced by a bit of representative embroidery as are any external zippers or other items.
FlyingToaster, Sep 17 2013


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