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The rug of Zen

Build a stone garden and walk in it
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These cushions would be designed to look like stones of various types, sizes, and shapes. Each would encase a magnet. A person could lay them about in the patterns of a Japanese rock garden, but inside where it's seen more and doesn't need extra space.
Voice, Jun 23 2022

lots of pillow rocks https://www.google....=1121&bih=714&dpr=2
[xandram, Jun 24 2022]

https://www.google....+ice+cream&tbm=isch To partially assuage [voice]'s deep sense of loss [pocmloc, Jun 28 2022]


       The sound of one hand offering a croissant: [+
pertinax, Jun 24 2022

       + Envisions monks having a pillow fight…
xandram, Jun 24 2022

       There was a famous, really cool photograph of nuns eating ice cream, but it was eaten by copyright and bitrot.
Voice, Jun 25 2022

       Who knew? Not widely known to exist in this person's head. Do they have magnets, I wonder?
blissmiss, Jun 26 2022


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