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trick soap

soap in a wound string,. The string's end has a little loop that goes on the finger.
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Put's lather in a spin and gives a new sensation to walking the dog.

With this soap you can drop it again and again.

The premium soap has a non corrosive, high performance, bearing and designer perfumes.

wjt, Jan 23 2021


       yo-yo soap? needs more description methinks
xandram, Jan 23 2021

       It puts the lather on its spin, or else it gets the hose again.   

       [xandram] Yes.I thought there were enough clues but each to their own experience.
wjt, Jan 23 2021

       // .I thought there were enough clues //   

       Shame on you. Look, you've been here long enough, you KNOW this is the slow class and they don't pay attention (except maybe [Voice] some of the time, when he's awake).   

       You have to spell it out in terms even complete idiots can understand, and even then [xenzag] will need diagrams ...
8th of 7, Jan 23 2021

       Baked: soap on a rope.   

       Most people I see out with a dog don't usually use soap. Maybe after returning home.   

       Also baked: joke soap containing black stain
pocmloc, Jan 23 2021

       // With this soap you can drop it again and again. //   

       May we draw to your attention that your choice of phraseology bestows excessive illumination on an aspect of your private life and behaviour that almost everyone else would much prefer remained entirely in the dark ?
8th of 7, Jan 23 2021

       [pocmloc] Aw, no Yoyo in the cupboard?. [8th] Your mind, not mine but healthy adult aspects of life shouldn't be shameful.
wjt, Jan 23 2021

       //healthy adult aspects of life shouldn't be shameful.//   

       Can anyone spot the circular reasoning there?
pertinax, Jan 24 2021

       Yes, taking the statement in isolation.
wjt, Jan 24 2021

       Who it Put and why does his lather spin?
Voice, Jan 24 2021

       //I thought there were enough clues but each to their own experience.//   

       Poor communication is not clever.
Voice, Jan 24 2021

       If It could even possibly work like a yo-yo you would have to explain how it was built and how the mechanism worked. If it had a small spindle in the middle for the string to wrap around then I’m sure that part would melt out pretty quickly after using the soap a couple times…
xandram, Jan 24 2021

       It could be a plastic spindle with a disc of soap on each side, but yes, the soap will erode around the spindle even though there's not much abrasion there.
8th of 7, Jan 24 2021

       but he didn’t even say how it was made! Lucky there were no fishbones in this soap, So they might work good for scrubbing
xandram, Jan 24 2021

       So the idea is for a soap yo-yo.   

       Presumably the string is not made from soap.   

       Presumably also the //non corrosive, high performance, bearing// is also not made from soap   

       The second most sensible interpretation of this idea is that it is a kind of soap shell casing around the string guide and bearing of a standard yo-yo (remember the clip-on shells some models had?) (though the idea text states that the soap is //in// the string, which I don't understand)
pocmloc, Jan 24 2021

       In the name of advancement, modern trick Yoyos do have bearings. Soap stone Yoyo? I'm sure there could be a slow decay aqueous polymer that can be mixed with soap actives and be formed to the correct shape. But this was only a subconscious reaction the idea to handle soap.
wjt, Jan 28 2021

       So if it is a patent-able idea which I don't care about, I should annotate? I wasn't sure.
wjt, Jan 29 2021

       Speak your mind. I always do. And it's made me so popular!
Voice, Jan 29 2021

       I was trying to understand why a wounded person would want soap in their wounds
pashute, Feb 09 2021


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