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SuperSize Soap Pump

In Sink Sink Soap Pump, with tube for gallon of soap
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This idea is really simple, and allows soap to be bought much more economically.

Have an in sink soap dispenser, but instead of a bottle attached directly underneath, it comes with a 3 foot long flexible tube.

At the end of this tube would be a special bottle cap, and approximately one foot more tube. The cap is designed to let air into the bottle it's screwed onto, but to only let air or liquid out through the tube. This means that if the bottle is knocked over, it won't spill if this cap is on it.

To use, one simply buys a one gallon bottle of hand soap, puts it under one's sink, takes off it's original cap, and places on the special cap.

You now have a year's supply of soap, ready to use, and no messy transfer of liquid from one bottle to another.

goldbb, Jul 07 2009


       This is Baked in a number of commercial applications, particularly in food processing and healthcare. Installing this for domestic use wouldn't be difficult.
8th of 7, Jul 07 2009


       Those little bottles of hand soap are always empty, and nobody ever seems to know where the refill soap is (or really wants to muck around with doing it). With this solution, you could keep an extra bottle of soap under the sink and just change it out when you run empty. Then you just have to put hand soap on your next Costco list.   

       However, one concern would be whether having a long tube would require an inordinate amount of pumping each time you use it.
ytk, Jul 07 2009

       I like the pocketfuls of liquid soap from bars. Now your plastic-lined pocket scheme makes more sense, [bigsleep]. Also handy if you can't finish your drink. Maybe in a separate pocket from the soap.
bungston, Jul 08 2009

       "Bar soap" would better describe liquid soap pumped from beer pumps - such as those used for real Ale
hippo, Jul 08 2009

       //liquid soap pumped from beer pumps //
That's Australian beer, isn't it?
Tastes like soap, anyway.
coprocephalous, Jul 08 2009

       I've one on my kitchen sink: drilled a hole, mounted a soap dispenser thing, built a platform under the sink to hold a 1L bottle of dish soap... you don't need the special bottle cap, just drop the hose in. [ ]
FlyingToaster, Jul 08 2009

       The bottle should be suspended, like bottles of spirits in a bar, as it would then be more economical.
nineteenthly, Jul 08 2009

       How does telling the bottle to stay home from school make it more economical?
goldbb, Jul 09 2009


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