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Spray Dough

Aerosol Dough
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Dough in a soft enough colloid to dissolve pressurized CO2 and spray out from a can much like the whipped cream cans. The dissolved CO2 also helps the bread rise as well as pressurizing the contents to come out of the can. A win/win situation.

Copious ammounts of oil in the pressurized dough would also help this mixture come out of the can. So it woud be easy to create a focaccia type bread aerosol.

Here's the third idea that goes along with this. Have a mixture similar to the focaccia type bread aerosol and add different nozzles on the end like say in this case a nozzle with very thin parallel wires in close proximity. Voila, now you have phyllo dough in a can.

Three ideas, Aerosol Dough which leads to the Aerosol Dough Nozzle which allows for Aerosol Phyllo Dough.

sartep, Jul 28 2004

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       One aerosolized croissant coming up
swimr, Jul 28 2004

       You might also end up with Graffiti dough, which would at least be easy to remove:   

       1. Light blow torch 2. Wave liberally over the dough scribble 3. eat, or force feed it to the little cherub who daubed your wall with their ciabatta based tag.
WYBloke, Jul 29 2004

       Kinda gross, but you get a bun just because I'm glad to see you. +
k_sra, Jul 29 2004

       Great idea, I'm surprised no one's thought of it yet. Maybe there's an ancillary market in the Vatican: for a new take on communion, go to the front of the church, rip a holy finger off the Jesus bread statue, have a sip of wine, and you're good to go.   

       Of course, for a conventional loaf of bread, the container would have to be somewhat larger than your garden-variety spraycan, depending on the amount of pressurization.
hydrophonic, Jul 29 2004

       in a can shaped like the pillsbury dough boy   

       got a feeling it would jam up more often than the office photocopier.
po, Jul 29 2004

       In England, pubs serve 'pies' which are tubs of stew with a puff pastry disc balanced on top. This sounds like a much better solution, although I will miss getting a free frisbee with my meal.
moomintroll, Oct 27 2004

       I've sometimes wondered if soft pretzel makers ever get carpal tunnel syndrome from the flipping motion of their wrists when they twist each pretzel into its fun shape. If so, aerosol pretzel dough could probably relieve that problem.
tchaikovsky, Nov 11 2004


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