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Tiny, sealed tacos

Microwaveable mini hard tacos
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Tacos tend to leak a lot when they are overstuffed, so obviously mini hard tacos would have that problem as well. The solution is to have the meat on the innermost part of the taco and to have a thin layer of cheese completely covering the exposed outside of the taco. If the think of a taco as a triangle made up of a 3 sides, 2 of which are the V, the 3rd side would be made of cheese.

Anyhow, you'd grab a handful of these, put them on a plate, and then microwave them. Instant, premade, leak-free, tiny tacos. Biggest difficulty is finding a decent way of packaging them so the shell doesn't break.

aguydude, Oct 20 2004

Taquitos http://www.elmonter...nfood/taquitos.html
Tiny sealed tacos [Klaatu, Oct 27 2004]


       I'm a little confused. Are we talking tiny, V-shaped Ravioli-style treats?   

       If so, then blister packets - the kind that pills are sold in - would solve the packaging problem. Just pop out as many as you need. + anyway
lostdog, Oct 20 2004

       How does the cheese keep anything in if you're microwaving them? I thought chesse melts.
Worldgineer, Oct 20 2004

       I hate annotating on mexican food-related posts. I always sound so pedant...
Pericles, Oct 21 2004

       I see these things exploding hot cheese all over the eater. Sort of the way jalapeno poppers do.
DrCurry, Oct 21 2004

       Why do they have to be mini size? And these tacos can't have a fresh lettuce filling which is the cool part of tacos. You could call them "Cheesy meaty burny snacks".
Nontaigne, Oct 21 2004

       I don't like lettuce in my tacos. And I've tried melting cheese over foods before with success (and without explosions). As for why they need to be mini, they'd leak after the first few bites if they weren't bite-size.
aguydude, Oct 21 2004

       gineer: The cheese does melt, but it's still mostly on top of the taco. I wouldn't expect much leaking, unless the entire filling fell out completely because it was held upside down.
aguydude, Oct 21 2004

       Ok, that's it... I'm going to say it.   

       Tacos are not served in hard shells, and those in wheat flour tortillas are called Burritos. Tacos aren't triangled and could never be. Those are called nachos... and nachos are not served with that horrible, arfiticially coloured cheddar cheese most people like.   

       Tacos are served in round, corn flour, soft tortillas. The only "hard" tacos are called "flautas" (flutes), and what makes them look like flautas? The regular corn tortilla is filled with cheese, boiled chicken, meat, (pick your own) then rolled/wrapped and secured with a toothpick, then deep fried. Three are served and topped with sour cream, panela cheese, lettuce and salsa.These are the only tacos we eat with lettuce.   

       Soft tacos, well, there isn't really a recipe for them, [UnaBubba]. You can buy the dough to make the tortillas in Australia. It's called MASECA, and it's relatively cheap. If you get to make those tortillas you're all set and can fill them with whatever you want. My favorites are "tacos al pastor" [linky], but that meat is damn hard to prepare. People usually eat them on the streets or restaurants.   

       There's a restaurant in Melbourne called "Chilli kiss", near Carlton. They serve mexican food that's pretty close to the real thing. There's another one in Magnetic Island that I really liked.   

       If you want a traditional recipe... I'll tell you about enchiladas!! Those are easy to make.   

       [jscottpete] I don't think you want to marry me... you would never have the same regard of Taco Bell. Plus, there's no need: I have a visa to visit the US, so you don't risk getting attached to me -which, believe me, it will be hard for you not to ;)   

       [aguydude], if you don't want your food to be messy and leaky, don't eat tacos because, the real ones, will leak.
Pericles, Oct 21 2004

       Well [jscottpete], I'm sadly still hoping for a "significant other" to arrive. Thanks anyways for the nice wishes.
Pericles, Oct 23 2004

       Every time I see this idea title, I am reminded of the dough encased ice cream that is served hot at certain Chinese restaurants. They look much like tiny burritos or small spring rolls.
bristolz, Oct 27 2004

       Sounds like you need to be eating taquitos <link>
Klaatu, Oct 27 2004

       I don't know why, but my little brain extracted vast amounts of humour just from the phrase 'tiny, sealed tacos'. Will we be able to get different flavour ones? Diet? Cheese-free? You could package them inside a bib, to avoid unsightly stains on your pyjamas while vegging on the sofa watching comedy channel reruns.
moomintroll, Oct 27 2004

       That's nice guacamole, [UB]! One last tip: add one diced tomato... gives it color and a delicious, juicy consistence.
Pericles, Oct 28 2004


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