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Mobile Bakery Van

Warm bread, just when and where you need it.
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This idea occurred to me as I was tucking into a delicious, freshly baked and still-warm loaf of olive-bread while pounding the streets of Edinburgh one evening.

Wouldn't it be great to have a mobile bread-van, similar to coffee and snack vans, which comes round to the office at lunchtime or just parks up somewhere in the town and sells to passers-by.

As well as freshly baked loaves, rolls and pastries, the van would also sell cheese and cold sausage so that at lunchtime you could enjoy a chunk of warm, fresh bread with a generous slice of stilton and some chorizo.

Perhaps this is just my weird foodie dream, not shared by anyone else, but I think it would be fabulous. If I were to ever start such a business I would of course call it 'The Halfbakery Van' in honour of this fine forum of all things ingenious.

DeniqueCoelum, Apr 23 2011

hmmm Bread_20and_20Butter_20Vendors
see 1st anno [po, Apr 23 2011]

I want the CupCake truck!! http://jetsetta.com...cks-across-america/
[xandram, Apr 28 2011]


       Yes, yes it would [+], coincidentally, I'm currently rueing the lack of same in the neighbourhood as the cold-weather alternative to "ice cream truck".
FlyingToaster, Apr 23 2011

       When I was young, the baker came along our street in his van, selling warm bread door to door.
pocmloc, Apr 23 2011

       When I was young, the hunters would kill a brontosaurus in front of the caves, and everybody could axe off a chunk.   

       Then some kid invented fire, and it all went wrong.
baconbrain, Apr 23 2011

       Wonderful. I fear that appreciation of good bread isn't widespread enough for this to be economical, but perhaps, in time, that could change. Appreciation of good coffee wasn't formerly widespread either. If this existed in my neighborhood, I'd be a faithful patron.
mouseposture, Apr 23 2011

       Yeah, kind of warmly halfbaked for sure, po.
blissmiss, Apr 23 2011

       I fear that my idea has already been baked ([po]'s link), but thanks for your annotations folks. :)-
DeniqueCoelum, Apr 23 2011

       The linked idea is "sell cheap slabs of bread and butter on every street corner", this is "sell warm bread from a mobile van". They're not really the same (though they're both a bit lame).   

       Is this a mobile bakery-van, or a mobile-bakery van? That is, is the bread actually baked in the van?
spidermother, Apr 24 2011

       There's a street vendor in Ann Arbor, MIchigan who mobily baked and warm cookies, and pastries at night in the bar district. I'm sure they could expand their business to bread too.   

       Taco trucks in LA sell warmed tortillas
metarinka, Apr 24 2011

       ////bread actually baked in the van////   

       That's the idea [spidermother]! :)-
DeniqueCoelum, Apr 28 2011

       I have purchased freshly baked flatbreads made in an oven in a street kiosk outside a Moscow railway station.
pocmloc, Apr 28 2011


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