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Pita bread chimneys

a step closer to safer toasting..
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the toaster pops. yummmmmmmmmm hot & lovely pitta bread in the toaster. your spidey sense starts to tingle as you reach wantonly towards it with your knife. just as you make the first cut, your spidey sense plays smug echo to the pain shrieking from your fingers. you have once again become victim to pitta bread steam....

the solution is obvious. one end of the pitta bread has a little vent which opens as it becomes hard with toasting. therefore all the steam is VISIBLY venting when you reach towards it. thereby giving full warning to leave it the hell alone for a few seconds, and allowing the steam to vent.

though i admit that there is a downside to this new toasting nirvana. your toasted product juggling skills will decrease, as will your burnt fingers tap dancing routine.

mymus, Mar 15 2002


       None of the Pitas I buy has a vent. I think it's a good idea. But if it's baked then provide the link...
goff, Mar 15 2002


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