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Spray Visine

A better way to get the red out
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Ok I want to see visine available in a misting spray bottle so instead of having to tilt your head back and drop the visine in you simply squirt the bottle and the visine would mist into your eye. Would also work with saline solution.
mlingley, Jun 14 2005

(?) Visine http://www.prodhelp...ye-care_index.shtml
never heard of it. [calum, Jun 14 2005]

Nature's Tears Mist http://www.aclens.c...42&kw=natures+tears
As seen on TV. [Shz, Jun 14 2005]


       Hmm. I have a heck of a struggle with eye drops as it is. I think a spray will cause my eyes to close involuntarily and be even more difficult to use. That's just me, of course.
bristolz, Jun 14 2005

       I like. Eyedrops suck. Better, perhaps the sprayer could be affixed to the rim of my drink so the cause and the cure of the redness is dispensed from single locale.
crater, Jun 14 2005

       Or a large container of visine mounted on the sun visor in the car. So when you flip it down there is a tube with a spraying head on it. Perfect for those late night pot getaways.
10clock, Jun 15 2005

       "I'm sorry sir, but we need to, er, check your identity via retinal scan"   

       "Well ok, but what's this all abou- AHHH! Who told you I didn't like taking my eyedrops??"
finrod, Jun 15 2005

       Oh no! That was my mace!
not_only_but_also, Jun 17 2005


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