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Pill Reminder

Pills that remind you when to take them
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I just saw a link on BoingBoing about GlowCaps (Linky) - Pill bottle tops with wireless indicators which remind you, and it made me think of a simpler solution: A simple QR code on the side of the pill bottle with dossage instructions encoded on it, and a normal smart-phone (capable of reminding the user and messaging results. When you pick up a bottle of pills from the chemist, you scan the bottle's QR code with a little app that processes the dosage instructions into phone alarm reminders, reminders to re-order pills etc. Whenever the user is reminded to take a pill, all they do when they receive a reminder alram/text is rescan the bottle (to confirm they've taken the medication ) the app checks that they're taking the right pill, at the right time, and reports/alerts on mistakes.
Dub, Jul 08 2011

Boing Boing: Harnessing the power of feedback loops http://www.boingboi...sing-the-power.html
GlowCaps [Dub, Jul 08 2011]

Pill Pall Pill_20Pal
[theircompetitor, Jul 08 2011]

For [po] http://www.micromed...ucts/clinicalxpert/
[mouseposture, Jul 08 2011]

QR Code Specification http://www.denso-wa...e/qrstandard-e.html
Up to 300 characters can be stored/retrieved reliably (and codes can be combined for more information) [Dub, Jul 09 2011]


       I love this! (+) Though it has a mismatched target audience. I think the majority of the pill takers are not smart phone users, but it is certainly at least halfbaked.
MisterQED, Jul 08 2011

MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 08 2011

       Conveniently the voices tell me to take my meds when I've forgotten.
rcarty, Jul 08 2011

       //Conveniently the voices tell me to take my meds when I've forgotten.// Though that only works if the voices are not trying to kill you.
MisterQED, Jul 08 2011

       hah [dub] I can actually hear you describing this... spent too many hours chatting I fear.   

       nah, here's to many more hours.   

       pay - paypillpal.   

       actually what I'd like is an app that matches all your pills to make sure they all are appropriate together - po' pharmacists - dad would be spinning in his plot.
po, Jul 08 2011

       //an app that matches all your pills to make sure they all are appropriate together // AKA drug interaction database. e.g. <link>. It's for PDAs. but there's also a web-based version, i.e. you could access it with a browser-equipped cellphone.   

       Probably expensive, though: these folks make a profit by charging for access to their intellectual property, and their usual customers have deep pockets.   

       But pharmacists already have these databases, as do medical practices big enough to do electronic prescribing.
mouseposture, Jul 08 2011

       [po] yup, it could do that too.
I was imagining a phone could do most of what the cap described on the BB link could do, and more...

       I just saw the next comment [mouseposture]... It could do it whether or not the prescriptions are running concurrently as a double check... Well it couldn't do any harm, could it?
Dub, Jul 08 2011

       [Dub] There's at least one situation in which your system would work better than the one I linked. Suppose someone had "as needed"("PRN") prescriptions for several pain medications, including some "combination" meds containing acetaminophen. The prescriptions would specify a maximum dose per day for each, but wouldn't stop you ODing on acetaminophen by taking a a combination of (permitted doses of) Percocet, Darvocet[1], and Tylenol Number 3 for example[2] Might be other examples.   

       [1] Not that you can get Darvocet anymore, but you get the idea.
[2] But something's already seriously wrong if you've got a collection of prescriptions like that.
mouseposture, Jul 08 2011


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