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Spring Spoon

made out of spring steel
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Can you take a bite of some cornflakes and milk launched into the air? The spoon’s business end is a metal diaphragm with two attitudes, convex and concave.

Can you shoot a pea into your nostril? The spring spoon will only stay in the concave, spoon position a few seconds before popping back.

Can you transfer the teaspoon of salt to the mix before it sprays out over the counter? Push the spoon concave and dip into some food.

Can you eat some custard before it’s plastered onto your face? Hours of fun for the young and silly.

FarmerJohn, Jan 17 2005

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       Could be useful as an icecream scoop design. Icecream sticks to icecream scoops, unless you use the one with the little lever which releases the icecream blob.
hippo, Jan 17 2005

       This is a terrible idea. The food would end up all over yourself and the room. [+]
wagster, Jan 17 2005

       Springs are good.
robinism, Jan 17 2005

       Whatever happened to just using a stringbean as a fulcrum and manually pounding on the handle of the spoon? You are getting lazy [FarmerJohn]
phundug, Jan 17 2005

       Like buckaroo or pop-up pirates   

rambling_sid, Jan 18 2005


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