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3 days of peas and music...
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When I am eating icecream it is usually right out of the icebox and is usually out of frustration so I usually don't have time to wait for it to melt. I usually stick th e spoon in the hard ice cream and then do the equivalent of what you would do with a shovel by putting your shoe on the edge, by jamming the end of the spoon handle into the heel of my hand and the gritting my teeth and pushing. This could be avoided with a spoon stock, like the stock of a gun that could be attached to the spoon handle. It could even be really big for super hard icecream so you could get your whole body into it.
JesusHChrist, Oct 01 2012

Spoonstock http://www.google.c...t:429,r:9,s:0,i:104
[normzone, Oct 02 2012]

Spoonstock http://www.google.c...1t:429,r:2,s:0,i:79
[normzone, Oct 02 2012]

Enhanced heat-conductive scoops http://www.crateand...cream-scoop/s559105
like these work great. They're a bit big for stuffing you mouth, and as AFAIK no table spoon-sized ones are to be had, I think such an invention would be a useful original. Would also work as an enhanced coffee/tea/soup cooler. [CraigD, Oct 06 2012]

Heat-conducting Spoons http://gizmodo.com/...urself-on-ice-cream
These even come in different styles for different ice cream flavours! [Canuck, Oct 09 2012]


       Heated ice cream scoops exist to make this easier.
xandram, Oct 01 2012

       Re-designing the ice cream spoon before addressing the source of frustration that led to an ice cream binge in the first place; Shirley, this is the essence of Halfbaking.
Alterother, Oct 01 2012

       The concept of actually keeping ice cream in the icebox as opposed to eating it all on arrival is intriguing.
8th of 7, Oct 01 2012

       The word "microwave" springs to mind.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 01 2012

       Yes, but they can treat that with medication now.
normzone, Oct 01 2012

       you'll need a titanium or very high quality steel spoon
Voice, Oct 03 2012

       Not that difficult to acquire. I have six titanium camp utensils that have proven to be quite destruction-resistant. The set cost about $20.
Alterother, Oct 03 2012

       They make a spoon which looks like a garden spade if that helps.   

       I've always been fine with an ice cream scoop.
DIYMatt, Oct 03 2012

       Try a gasket punch. I'd suggest about a 5/8 inch.
lurch, Oct 03 2012

       You could market this as the Jesus H Chrice?   

       Or not.
Phrontistery, Oct 03 2012

       Obligatory WIFRT: I thought this was going to be about a huge outdoor concert with bands that feature spoonsters!   

       Actually, this might be Baked (see link).
Canuck, Oct 09 2012


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