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Tailored Spoon

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None of my spoons fit my mouth very well. My soup spoons are especially lousy.

You can buy custom-fitted arch supports, custom-fitted earbuds, and tailored clothing. Some companies sell custom fitted arch supports online using a do-it-yourself casting kit. Custom spoons could work the same way: the company could ship you a mouth insert to gauge the size and shape of your mouth.

You could also have your spoon made out of different materials, like ceramic. Japanese soup spoons have a very odd, uncomfortable shape. So even though they don't get hot, they make you sound like you're trying to suck up the last drop of soda from the bottom of your cup at McDonald's.

plasticspoon, Mar 07 2009

These might help you Silverwear
[normzone, Mar 07 2009]


       I loooove nicely designed cutlery. Whenever we're in a department store and the missus wanders over to the designer labels to have a good drool, I go to look at the cutlery. There's nothing like a chunky bit of nicely weighted cutlery that fits your hand and mouth perfectly.   

       Bespoke - why not? [+]
wagster, Mar 07 2009

       Sorry - done.
wagster, Mar 07 2009

       I really hate those molded plastic soup spoons that are almost hemispherical, and cut into your upper lip. What kills me is the thought that someone designed them. It would be ok if you only ate soup once every few years, but anything people will use frequently should be designed to fit them.
colorclocks, Mar 08 2009

       [wags], I hope you don't while away the shopping trip putting cutlery in your mouth in the department store.....
gnomethang, Mar 08 2009

       [+] Bend the handle to an amount I decide. Infant cutlery has helpful bends which mean you have to twist the write less - but you can't find them for adults anywhere.
vincevincevince, Mar 08 2009

       //they make you sound like you're trying to suck up the last drop of soda from the bottom of your cup at McDonald's.// It's considered good form in Japan to slurp loudly. The food whips around your taste buds and is more thoroughly enjoyed.
placid_turmoil, Mar 08 2009

       I'll take size 3, extra wide, half-dozen please.
tatterdemalion, Mar 08 2009

plasticspoon, Mar 08 2009

       + nice idea.
xandram, Mar 09 2009


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