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Soft Spoon & Soft Spoon Junior

A flexible spoon that allows you to scrape every last morsel
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As I was using my finger to finish off the last of the peach yogurt from the bottom of one of those little plastic, flat bottom cups, I realized that what I needed was a flexible spoon. Something made from the same semi soft material as a regular spatula, only in a regular spoon shape so that I wouldn't look like a total slob trying to eat with a flat spatula. < As though I exude charm and grace eating with my fingers...> Of course, this would also need to be a regular teaspoon size; I'm not going to be using it to scrape batter from a mixing bowl; I am going to be putting it into my mouth. Aside from being able to keep your fingers out of your food, the beauty of it would be that as you reach the bottom of the container, it would flex itself into the corners, allowing you to gather and enjoy every last drop.

The "Soft Spoon Junior" would be the smaller, baby sized version; perfect for getting the last of the creamed spinach from those tiny baby food jars. Added benefit; wobbly headed infants who eagerly bob for the spoon like a baby bird won't have their little mouths bruised as can happen with those rubber coated metal baby spoons, or even those chunky plastic baby spoons.

little dog laughed, Jul 25 2003


       + If I can have a soft spoon senior for scraping batter from a mixing bowl.
nichpo, Jul 25 2003

       Using this device to kill people would present quite a challenge.
DeathNinja, Jul 25 2003

       A little Roberta Flak for [DeathNinja];   

       Strumming my mane with his fingers
Singing "how nice" with his words
Killing me softly with his spoon
Killing me softly, makes me swoon
Killing me softly, half past noon
Killing me soft-ly...
Tiger Lily, Jul 25 2003

       [frogfreak] Are you threatening me ?
nichpo, Jul 25 2003

       I think he's coming on to you :)
po, Jul 25 2003

       I love Roberta Flack.   


       ..with some fava beans and a nice Chianti...
DeathNinja, Jul 25 2003


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