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Squint windows

Shoogly desktop
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The way that menu bars, application windows, icons, pop-ups, and other assorted text, icons and visual layout components appears on my computer screen reminds me of a housemate I lived with as a student, who was in the Officers Training Corps and whose room contained many square and rectangular items, all of them perfectly aligned parallel with the walls.

(sometimes we would be naughty and sneak in and make millimetre adjustments to everything, it drove him nuts)

I appreciate that the rectilinear arrangement of pixels on the computer screen makes this the obvious way to organise on-screen display, but now that ridiculous computing power plus invisibly high resolution displays are the norm, there is no reason to stay in this OCD grld of straight and level.

I would like to see all of these things rendered in a more realistic manner, with slight but subtle deviations from level and right angles. So some windows might droop a bit, text might sag when it touches the edge of the page. When you click and drag a document it might stretch towards the direction you are pulling it.

Those with a genuine compulsion for parallelism could enjoy spending hours manually lining things up; the rest of us could enjoy a more naturalistic representation of a real-world workspace with things all piled up higgledy-piggledy.

pocmloc, Oct 13 2014




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